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Current Students

It’s hard to believe, but tuition covers only about 67 percent of the cost of an undergraduate year at Tufts. Every student, undergraduate or graduate, who attends Tufts is a beneficiary of financial aid — the resources that make up the difference between full tuition and actual cost.

Where do these resources come from? In part, from the gifts of alumni, parents, and friends who believe in Tufts and support its commitment to future generations of students.

If your Tufts experience has exceeded your expectations — whether it was the subjects you mastered, the friends you made, or the activities you loved — we ask that you consider making a gift to Tufts. The Senior Class Gift provides one giving opportunity for undergraduate seniors, and often attracts challenge gifts from committed alumni.

Please know that you may direct your gift to the school or program that means the most to you, or simply to the areas of greatest need. Make your gift online now, or read about different opportunities for giving to the university.

We also welcome your contributions of time and experience. Learn more about how to volunteer at Tufts.