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Annual Giving

Annual giving is Tufts’ first fundraising priority. Funds go directly into the operating budget, so your gift provides current-use dollars that directly support teaching and learning. Annual gifts also keep Tufts nimble by allowing it to respond to unforeseen challenges and opportunities.

Donors who give consistently to the annual fund, year after year, are particularly valued. We welcome gifts of all sizes. Smaller gifts are often catalysts for larger gifts, and the Annual Fund is the perfect place to put gifts of all sizes to work. The accumulation of smaller gifts magnifies their significance and impact. Annual gifts to Tufts totalled a record-setting $12,884,957 in 2004-05, exceeding the goal of $12,655,000.

Participation matters too. When more people give, it reflects value; it shows respect, trust, and confidence. The percentage of alumni who give each year is one of the factors considered by corporations, foundations, and ranking organizations when making philanthropic decisions.

Find out more about how annual funds are used.