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Let the Music Begin

A new music building on the Medford/Somerville campus symbolizes Tufts’ continuing commitment to growth and excellence in its music programs. You can play a part in enriching the music community with a gift designated to this long-awaited facility.

Artist's rendering of the new Tufts music building
Artist’s rendering of the new Tufts music building

Tufts has a long and proud tradition of music, but existing facilities have not matched the quality of the faculty, students, and academic programs. The new building promises to be a creative and comprehensive solution. Now under construction on Talbot Avenue and slated to open in late 2006, the music building will bring new vigor to music performance as it integrates and strengthens arts programs. The building will have:

  • a 300-seat concert hall
  • teaching facilities
  • rehearsal spaces
  • administrative offices for the music department
  • a complete music library

The concert hall will feature state-of-the-art components for commercial-quality live recordings, and is expected to attract top-flight performers, up-and-coming musicians, young composers, and members of the public.

The building also combines practicality with grandeur, with its twin brick structures linked by a two-story lobby/atrium of curved glass and stone.

Below are sample naming opportunities; for more information, contact Eric Johnson at

Music center courtyard $1.0M
This attractive courtyard will be created by a passageway between Cohen Auditorium and the music building. The walkway will be beautifully landscaped and will feature seating walls, planters and artwork. Students and faculty can spend time in the courtyard before and after classes, surrounded by cherry, birch, and dogwood trees.
Music learning center $1.0M
The majority of the classes will be taught on the upper level in the Music Learning Center, consisting of two classrooms and the music multimedia room. Both classrooms will also serve as practice rooms for larger groups, and the multimedia room will be fitted with an electronic keyboard and computer stations to be used for music theory classes and for composing scores.
Main staircase $500,000
The staircase leading to the second floor is prominently located in the main lobby and will be visible immediately upon entering this dramatic space. This staircase will serve as the main access to the second floor of the academic wing, and will be a focal point of the main lobby space, which will also double as reception space.
World music room $500,000
The World Music Room will house the university’s Gamelan, a traditional Indonesian ensemble typically including many tuned percussion instruments including bamboo xylophones and wooden or bronze chimes and gongs. The World Music Room will host all classes pertaining to the music and dance of West Africa as well as performances with the gamelan.
Music Library collections room $500,000
Seminar room $250,000
Music Library sound collections $250,000
Percussion/loud music room $200,000
Early music/chamber music room $200,000
A capella rehearsal room $150,000
Teaching studios (4) $125,000
Practice rooms $50,000
Music Library listening workstations $15,000
Music Library reading tables $10,000
Music Library reference desks $5,000