Meeting in Florence helps build a leadership role

For more than ten years Tufts has hosted two annual meetings of its International Board of Overseers. Each fall the board meets in the United States, and in the spring, overseas. Cities such as Hong Kong, Buenos Aires, Athens, Madrid and London have provided settings that are both accessible and blessed with resources for engaging discussions and social events.

The most recent event took place in a city famous for its art and architecture: Florence, Italy. On May 1-2, 75 overseers, trustees and guests gathered to share ideas and learn more about Tufts. Nine of the ten overseer boards were also represented.

The theme of the meeting--"Nutrition: A Prescription for Personal Health and Global Well-Being"--highlighted Tufts' health science schools.

Michael Sonnenreich, G90P, an overseer on the Medical/ Sackler Board, assisted with these program events, sponsored by the Foundation of Nutritional Advancement, of which Sonnenreich is president. The meeting provided as well an opportunity to showcase Tufts' many connections with Italy, including study abroad programs (27 students last year).

A perspective of Renaissance Florence and the "New Europe" by Provost and Senior Vice President Sol Gittleman was also well received by overseers and trustees. President John DiBiaggio, addressing a reception on April 30, thanked Countess Simonetta Brandolini d'Adda, J75, president of "The Best of Italy," for her support in organizing the event.

"Our effort to reach the International Board of Overseers in or near the cities they live in has proved extremely successful and enriching," said Senior Vice President Dr. Thomas W. Murnane, A58, D62, K65, G68, J97P. "It's also a chance to broaden each person's perspective of the entire university and the responsibility we all have to Tufts beyond individual schools. "Meetings such as these provide better communication and interaction between the various boards," he added, "and information on academic innovations is helpful to those who are interviewing prospective students."

Tufts trustees and overseers play a vital role as ambassadors for the university, helping to attract and recruit the best students while opening or reinforcing networks, whether it be in the business or the academic world. Overseer leadership also strengthens the international program to better position Tufts on the global stage.







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