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Four Ts and a B

These Tufts cheerleaders leave no room for doubt about the fate of the competition. Can you date this photo, describe where it was taken and on what occasion? Submit answers to: Greg Colati, University Archives, Tisch Library, Tufts University, Medford, MA 02155, 617-627-3737, Look for the answer in the next issue.


Photo Quiz Answer

"I'm the kid in the high chair," emailed Wally Wulfeck of San Diego in response to our Kitchen Mates quiz (Summer).

Wally reports that the photo was taken about 1948 in the Stearns Village apartments, housing Tufts provided for married students. Shown are his mother, Harriette Knowlton Wulfeck, J45, and his father, Joseph W. Wulfeck, A45. Joseph earned his PhD from the University of Rochester, then returned to Tufts as a professor in the Department of Psychology. He passed away in 1978; Harriette lives in Santa Monica, CA.

Harriette remembers that:

"It was a little chilly--the snow piled up to the windows--but it was a very friendly place. We were all in the same boat and were grateful that we had a place to live." Also, thanks to the alumni who fondly remember Stearns Village accommodations on College Avenue, where the new sports and convocation center now stands.

Among respondents were Charles Naas, F50, "It certainly looks like the kitchen where my wife cooked gourmet meals (etc., etc.) from a monthly stipend from the GI Bill of $120," he writes. "That amount of money certainly went a long way then. A great spirit existed among all the residents of Stearns Village and none of us ever felt anything but very fortunate to have the GI Bill covering educational and living expenses."

Also, thanks to Dr. Malcolm Hunt, A47, M51, Bill Blanker, A49, Irv Schneider, A50, Erling Hustvedt, A47, Francis Faustine, A52, and Marianne Knowlton, G65. The temporary housing community was constructed by Tufts to alleviate the housing shortages that daunted veterans and their families returning to the college on the GI Bill after WWII.

It consisted of 12 buildings, housing 80 apartments. At first, preference for occupancy was given to graduate students, with a few undergraduate veterans included. Later, junior faculty members, unable to secure housing, were admitted to the residences. Rent ranged from $22.50 to $30.75 a month for a unit, depending on its size. An additional $3.00-$5.50 was charged if the tenants wanted furnishings included. The village was torn down in 1955.







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