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"Back to School" beginnings

Kate Mullin, J02, making the rounds with brown and blue balloons during Tufts Opening Day picnic.

A new academic year is under way, a perfect time to "start at the very beginning" and remind you of the many privileges you have as members of the Tufts University Alumni Association (TUAA).

In the following pages, we inaugurate a new section of Tufts Magazine that highlights the activities of Tufts graduates and the many programs that serve them. This fall we are pleased to announce the Tufts Alumni Travel-Learn program, the Tufts Institute for Lifelong Learning (TILR), a new partnership with Drake Beam Morin (DBM) to enhance alumni career services, improved architecture and content on the Web, and at-a-glance directories to facilitate your involvement in clubs and other organizations.

TUAA President Bill O'Reilly, A77, and I are excited and optimistic about re-energizing our entire alumni body—all of whom have a unique connection to Tufts. In the coming months and years, the Alumni Council (TUAA's elected governing body) and its committees will be working closely with the Office of Alumni Relations to develop new programs, services and opportunities. Together, we will continue to build a Tufts University that merits its fine reputation and growing stature among top institutions of higher edu- cation in the world.

Timothy D. Brooks
Director, Alumni Relations








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