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From the President of TUAA


In only two years, Tufts will celebrate its 150th anniversary. As I reflect on this historic moment, it is hard to believe that Tufts College started operations with as few resources as one building, four professors and seven students--no map, museum or even a blackboard.

Yet Hosea Ballou II, Tufts' first president and a tireless optimist, wrote to his brother Levi two months after the College opened: "our principle is to work, work, and to let the work speak for itself before the world."

That diligence and faith clearly continues to speak for itself. It is evident throughout Tufts' seven schools, which each year graduate students equipped with enormous talent, diverse skills and their own "can do" attitude. At the same time, considerable resources have grown to sustain a lifelong connection to Tufts.

Today, through the Tufts University Alumni Association (TUAA), more than 70,000 graduates are members of a vast alumni network that circles the globe. And, like Tufts itself, its membership is an increasingly vibrant assemblage of individuals.

On the following pages, I hope you will find that TUAA benefits and services strive to respond to your many interests and concerns. We have recently launched a new alumni career services benefit, as well as programs in travel and lifelong learning. We will highlight these advancements, and others, in future issues of Tufts Magazine.

As the following pages illustrate, alumni involvement is our strength; the reputation of the university and its alumni body is growing every day. I hope that each of you, as members of TUAA, will value, appreciate and utilize your lifelong association with this special university. Take advantage of the many opportunities to stay connected to Tufts and your fellow alums.

Pax et Lux,

Bill O'Reilly, A77
President, TUAA








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