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Alma Matters

Think Globally, Act Locally
Nancy Jones Cicia, J59

What prompts us to work so hard on a voluntary basis for Tufts? One cannot possibly donate to all worthy causes. One has to pick and choose. If you gave to all the organizations you felt were worthy, you would end up giving them each about 35 cents!

But education is special, because it embraces so many categories. After all, if you help even just one educational institution, you are part of a network, a system that accomplishes a whole host of educational tasks by educating those rare, special people who make individual, outstanding impacts. Among them are:

  • scientists and medical professionals who advance the fight against disease;
  • ambassadors who help us to learn new ways of negotiating for peace;
  • teachers who will educate the next generation;
  • economists who can advocate for a vibrant and equitable economy;
  • philosophers who will guide us to a more sane and caring society.

But you also are educating countless others who, in their ordinary lives, are the beneficiaries of something we should not take for granted, namely, a solid education. If each of us believes in the saying, "Think globally, but act locally," what better place to do that than at one's own alma mater? One tries to give as much of one's treasure as possible--wouldn't it be wonderful if each of us could singularly donate a full scholarship? But if the treasure is insufficient for such generosity, one can also give of one's time and talent. With this in mind, it has been my pleasure to devote my time, talent and treasure to my alma mater, Tufts University.

Nancy Jones Cicia, J59, has been a member of the Tufts Alumni Council, the governing body of the Tufts University Alumni Association, since 1989. She is also an active volunteer in her community of Wakefield, MA, and received a TUAA Distinguished Service Award this past spring.







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