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Fall 2004


The Challenges of HIV
After I returned from the International AIDS Conference in Bangkok, the summer issue of Tufts Magazine and Karyn Kaplan’s smiling face (“A Voice for HIV/AIDS”) brought back my “Thai smile.” My thanks to Tufts Magazine for its continuing features on alumni doing truly good works. Too much American (and much “globalized”) culture touts elitism, celebrating “successes” because of their money, power, and mutual servicing of each other. Articles such as yours help all of us, and no doubt open our younger fellows to realize expanded possibilities for choosing lives worth living.

Karyn is a gift to all of us facing the challenges of HIV/AIDS and an example of how fulfilled an American can still be! She and her fellows of all backgrounds and nationalities share a mutually illuminating empowerment and unconditional care and love for each other. Thank you for sharing her story with us. May we be more motivated to do our parts, and not be afraid to acknowledge and work to change the inequities throughout our country and world.

Augustus Nasmith, Jr. F67
Rutland, VT

Thank you for your excellent work in producing Tufts Magazine. I thoroughly enjoy reading the diverse and interesting careers my fellow alumni have pursued. I especially enjoyed the article “A Voice for HIV/AIDS.”

I am working as an M.D. for the Cook County Department of Corrections, acting as the clinical coordinator of HIV services at the Cook County Jail, the largest single-site jail facility in the United States. Of the more than 11,000 inmates, approximately 100–150 are known to be HIV+, with another substantial percentage undiagnosed/ undisclosed. At most jails/prisons, once the inmate is released, he/she is essentially “cut loose” from the system. Through the help of local and federal grants, we provide inmates with help after their release, including access to the CORE Center, a free-standing outpatient facility that provides free or low-cost outpatient healthcare to HIV+ residents of Illinois. I run a clinic at the CORE Center where the releasees can come as “walk-in” patients and receive treatment for their HIV. Although our system is imperfect, we are constantly working to improve our efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and service to the most underserved populations in Chicago.

Dr. Chad Zawitz, A93
Chicago, IL

Right-side Round
I am stunned that you would portray both Tufts and the Tufts Magazine in such a poor light by choosing to put the photo of the president of the Tufts Democratic Club, Adam Blickstein, on the cover while wearing his baseball hat backwards. Someone should tell young Blickstein that if he turned his hat around, his IQ would go up 50 points!

George A. Bleyle, A64
Hudson, OH

Where are My Classmates?
I had dinner with five Tufts classmates and all of us had received the summer 2004 issue of Tufts Magazine. We were somewhat disappointed with the content of the magazine and wish that Tufts would celebrate and publish the broader successes of its alumni. For example, it would be interesting to hear about Dan Barber, A92, whose latest restaurant (Blue Hill at Stone Barn) has received numerous accolades, including reviews in the New York Times and New York Magazine. He was also named one of Food and Wine’s Best New Chefs a few years ago. Another example is Ben Silverman, A92, CEO of Reveille, whose roster includes the reality show The Restaurant, or Chris Stone, A92, who is an editor at Sports Illustrated and is launching a new product.

Tufts was such a wonderful experience for all of us and the school has really helped to shape our lives. Tufts Magazine does not seem to adequately publicize all the wonderful contributions that our alumni are making.

Alta Yen, J92
New York, NY

correction: In “Outstanding Work” on page 53 of the summer issue, the two people in the photo should have been identified as Sharan L. Schwartzberg, professor and chair, BSOT, and Judi Zazula, BSOT 82.