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Summer 2004 cover
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  Summer 2004
Cover Story
The Semantic Engineer
Philosophy professor Daniel Dennett is not afraid to invite controversy as he takes on the fundamental questions of human consciousness.
Paving the Way for Teachers to Stay
Tufts brings new ideas to the challenging job of training, and keeping, urban teachers.
It’s Showtime!
Former classmates and friends Oliver Platt, A83, and Hank Azaria, A87, find themselves starring together in a new television series.
Unconventional Learning
Students get a front-row look at the political process as interns at the Democratic National Convention.
Upfront Stories   Sports
  Landmark Philanthropy
Cummings Foundation to invest $50 million in veterinary school
  Bright Lights
The class of 2008
  Window on Innovation
Emerging technology gives Tufts a pioneering role with new display
  Engineering a Solution in Ghana
Tufts group brings new ideas to controlling schistosomiasis
  Imagery of War
Compelling perspectives on war and conflict in Tufts galleries

Jumbo Spirit
The Jumbo Club
celebrates 35 years


Challenges of HIV, Right-Side Round, Where Are My Classmates?

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