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STRATEGIC PLAN Tufts will create a road map for where the university aspires to be in ten years. “Strategic planning is an opportunity for us, as a community, to envision a trajectory for Tufts—where it needs to be, and should be,” said President Anthony P. Monaco. full story

FLETCHER DEAN TO RETIRE During his eleven-year tenure, Stephen W. Bosworth, the former U.S. diplomat, grew the faculty and student body and secured the fiscal soundness of the Tufts graduate school. full story


Born with a condition that causes facial paralysis, Kathleen Bogart, G12, draws on her experiences to help stroke patients and others communicate. full story

SECRET LIFE OF BEES Noah Wilson-Rich, G11, an ecologist who’s trying to determine what has killed more than a third of the world’s honeybees, has made it his business to encourage urban beekeeping. full story

HEALING WORDS Blogging offers a support system for people with cancer and other chronic conditions, says Lisa Gualtieri, a medical school faculty member who studies new media and health care. full story

ESCAPE FROM FARMAGEDDON One breed of livestock vanishes from the planet every month. Why that’s bad and how Tufts veterinarians are helping. full story

WEIGHT WATCHERS The link between TV watching and obesity is growing stronger as we log more viewing hours. full story

WORLD OF HURT A master’s degree program at Tufts Medical School trains students in the poorly understood problem of chronic pain. full story

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