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GETTING GREENER Tufts’ Campus Sustainability Council has set a goal of cutting waste by three percent a year and energy consumption by five to seven percent over three years. It’s part of President Anthony P. Monaco’s initiative to maintain Tufts’ leadership on environmental issues. full story

INCOMING RECORDS The 1,300-plus members of the undergraduate class of 2017 were drawn from a record 18,420 applicants, who were subject to the lowest-ever acceptance rate, 18.8 percent. full story

TISCH COLLEGE DEAN Alan D. Solomont, A70, A08P, the former U.S. ambassador to Spain and Andorra and a lifelong social and political activist, will become the Pierre and Pamela Omidyar Dean of the Jonathan M. Tisch College of Citizenship and Public Service at Tufts on January 2. full story

WEAKER WITH AGE A fat molecule may be a factor in the decline of strength in older adults, according to Roger Fielding, N93, a nutrition researcher at Tufts. full story

PUBLIC HEALTH PH.D. A new medical school degree program will address the predicted national shortage of 250,000 public health workers by 2020. full story

VET EXPANSION The Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine is enlarging its teaching hospitals to better serve clients and their pets and to attract the best students and faculty. full story

LINKS TO MUSLIM YOUTH As U.S. Special Representative to Muslim Communities, Farah Pandith, F95, is forging positive new connections around the world. Sixty-two percent of Muslims under thirty are “digital natives,” she says. full story

NO DESIGNER BABIES The genetic enhancement of human embryos is not a practice for civil societies, argues Tufts bioethicist Sheldon Krimsky. full story

PAKISTAN HISTORY In her new book, The Pity of Partition, history professor Ayesha Jalal examines Pakistan’s painful birth through the story of her great-uncle, the Muslim writer Saadat Hasan Manto. full story

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