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Photo: Kelvin Ma

Fateful Moment

On their first day as members of the class of 1983, Debby Lang and John Saltzman went on a hike with the Tufts Mountain Club. Rambling through the Middlesex Fells, they discovered they had a mutual acquaintance and instantly became friends. Then they ended up in the same dorm sophomore year and started dating. They eventually married.

Three kids later, the Saltzmans found themselves back on the Hill on August 28 to help their son, Jeff, A17, move into Hill Hall. He decided to follow in their footsteps by participating in the Tufts Wilderness Orientation. Later in the day, Lee Coffin, the dean of undergraduate admissions, noted in his welcoming speech that the new class included a “heavy-metal drummer from Newton whose parents met thirty-four years ago at orientation.” Then he told the incoming freshmen to “think about what could happen to you later today.” There were some awkward glances between students. For more on the story, visit Jumbo the Sequel.

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