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BIG IDEA: Custom postcards made easy. As Postcard’s website explains, “You choose images and words to create a postcard from your computer or phone. We print and send it.” The business provides four platforms: “Embrace,” for interpersonal connections; “Edition,” aimed at those who wish to share contemporary artwork; “Impact,” which focuses on political action; and “Educate,” which allows teachers and students to design their own “Impact”-style campaigns.

STATUS: Marketing whiz Roer and Zabala, whose expertise is in finance, teamed up with entrepreneur David Moyal to form Postcard in October 2013, during the government shutdown. It began with a question: “Wouldn’t it be amazing if right now, everyone across the country sent Congress a postcard with their face on the front and their personal message on the back telling these politicians to do their job?” Roer asked the other two one evening. Soon they had established a headquarters in Manhattan, partnered with New York’s Mohawk Paper and Circle Press, and printed up postcards advocating for everything from a traffic light that would make a New York City intersection safer to justice for forty-three students who had been murdered in Iguala, Mexico. postcard.com


BIG IDEA: Frozen treats, including bespoke gourmet sundaes, delivered to your door. Customers mix and match ten flavors of ice cream and six flavors of frozen yogurt with thirty-five different toppings. Or they can go with a Scoop N Scootery signature sundae, such as the Phantomberry (black raspberry cookie swirl and vanilla ice cream topped with graham cracker bits, blueberries, white chocolate chips, and homemade whipped cream).

STATUS: The Scoop N Scootery traces its origins to the summer of 2012, when Crittenden was a Tufts junior. “It was hot, and I wanted ice cream,” he told Boston magazine, and it occurred to him that an ice cream delivery service made a lot of sense. He created a website, bought some freezers and Garelick Farms ice cream, and started advertising. Three years later, drivers deliver well over two hundred sundaes daily within a two-mile radius of the company’s base in Somerville, Massachusetts. thescoopnscootery.com


BIG IDEA: A suite of services for creative types. Delve offers workshops on topics like how to write an artist’s statement and also sponsors events in which artists present their work and, afterward, everyone socializes over drinks.

STATUS: Delve got its start two and a half years ago when Wenglowskyj and Jones, who had already founded the New York City artists’ agency Kind Aesthetic, began to realize the importance of forging connections among creative professionals. “We saw a need to create community in our busy city,” Wenglowskyj says. Recent events have included Comedy + Art, featuring the improv duo Jew Noir, and Food + Art, with such attractions as Emilie Baltz, who proclaims that her work “moves people to discover new worlds one lick, suck, bite, sniff, and gulp at a time.” delve-art.com

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