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The Frog Prince
  Winter 2003
Cover Story
Still Making Magic
After 50 years, the Magic Circle Theater group's star still shines brightly.
College Life Reconsidered
A new Task Force on the Undergraduate Experience takes stock of what works and what doesn't at Tufts.
  Student members in Tisch Library
Lost Palaces
The movie houses of Somerville are remembered through an oral history project and museum exhibit at the Somerville Museum.
  Somerville Theater ephemera
Rules of the Game
An interview with with Mike Aresco, A72, F73, senior vice president of programming for CBS Sports, and the man behind the scenes of March Madness.
  Mike Aresco photo
Upfront Stories   Sports
Nerd Girls
Solar Car research program takes on gender stereotypes of engineering. "We have ten-year-old girls saying 'Wow! You guys built that?"
Stern to Chair Board of Trustees
James Stern, E72, has been appointed chair-designate, succeeding Nathan Gantcher
"The Best Job in the University"
An interview with David Cuttino, Dean of Undergraduate Admissions
Topic: Homeland Security
A new seminar on Proliferation-Counterproliferation and Homeland Security Issues is offered in Spring 2003
Rowing Home : The spirit surrounding the Tufts crew team's recent relocation to the Malden River
Mastering the "Light Touch"
For Sergio Fantini, lasers can illuminate our understanding and care of the body

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