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More River News
I was impressed with your article on the Mystic River (“Hands Across the Mystic,” winter 2003). I have been involved in community efforts to protect and enhance this invaluable resource. I thought your readers might be interested in one other part of the story: the Mystic Riverbend Park.

Designed and built in 2002, the park is located along the Mystic at the east end of Medford. It is the first park designed specifically to enhance the riparian corridor, celebrate the rich history of the site and serve to educate the public on broader watershed issues. A free park guide and map is available by emailing tlinc02155@aol.com.

Tom Lincoln
Chair, Hormel/Mystic River Task Force
Medford, MA
The Hockey Team Was There
It sure was nice to see the article about the Tufts hockey team in the winter issue of Tufts Magazine. Many of us have worked long and hard to achieve the current successes noted in the story.

I offer one correction to the facts as stated. From 1971 until the team again earned varsity status from the University in 1986, we existed as a club team. Our funding came from the Student Council and help from the Jumbo Club. This paid for about a dozen games each year and a few practices each week. Except for donated game jerseys from the Jumbo Club, everything else—equipment, sticks, pucks and transportation—was paid for out of our own pockets. Coaching was provided through our own resources. Somewhere along the way, the ECAC voted us best Small College Club Team in the country. LeBaron Briggs was the impetus behind the rebirth of the team, with ample help from Tufts personnel such as Bill Eastwood and Larry Griggs. Without the efforts of everyone involved with the club, we would not be where we are today. Many club players from that time still continue to support the team. Three of us just played (and survived) the Alumni game yesterday. The team’s modern legacy begins in 1971, not 1986, and we are all that much stronger for it.

Dave Selden, A75
Tufts Hockey Team Captain 1974–1975
Salem, MA
The Man Behind the Story
What a delight to find an article about Sylvan Barnet’s art collection in Tufts Magazine (“The Collector’s Eye,” winter 2003). He is truly a multifaceted person, and I’m sad that there wasn’t more about the man behind the collection.

When I was an undergraduate in the late 1950s, Dr. Barnet was relatively “new blood” in the English department. He brought a fresh approach to whatever he taught and seemed to relish the start of a new semester of classes filled with shining faces and open minds. What I remember most is that he received every student comment, no matter how trite or simplistic, as if he had never heard that thought before. He respected his students and easily earned our respect.

Sondra Syzmczak, J59
Hathorne, MA
Agreeable changes
Congratulations on yet another improvement in Tufts Magazine. The winter 2003 issue had a wonderful balance of articles—administration, education, personal interest, sports, environmental and other programs. It provided a real feel for the breadth of Tufts today. Maybe I was more than overly impressed because the articles included mention of several friends and Theta Delta Chi brothers, including Ben Sands and Win Duke. It was also nice to see that a sport can be added by an enlightened administration.

David Lincoln, A52
York, ME