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The Big Day

Now you can share your special day with classmates, friends, and family. The wedding photos on this site are high resolution so they can be displayed in a larger format, downloaded, or printed out on photo paper. We hope you enjoy this enhancement of the Tufts Magazine Online website.

AU & KWONG Justin Au, D07, wed Karen Kwong on June 28, 2008, in Toronto, Canada. Jumbos in attendance included, from left: Joanne Vargas, D07; Shefali Patel, D07; bride; groom; and Zan Chang, D07. The couple resides in Buffalo, NY, where Justin is doing a residency in oral and maxillofacial surgery.

BETTENCOURT & OSTEN Jeffrey Bettencourt, E99, wed Elizabeth Osten on June 28, 2008, in Goddard Chapel. Jumbos and friends attending included, back row, from left: Louise Putnam; Robert Bettencourt, E77; Debra (Landry) Lyneis, J71; Rebecca Jenkins, J01; Brian Bettencourt, E01; Donald Bettencourt, E72; Gregory Bettencourt, E07; Keith Levenberg, A99; Colin Kingsbury, A98; and Edward Grzyb, E99; front row, from left: Melanie (Moran) Magno, E00; Aimee (Peschel) Voleti, J99; bride; groom; Rajeev Voleti, E99; Lucio Silvestri, E99; and Ryouske Kawatsuji, A99. The couple lives in Massachusetts.

BLAKE & BARRY Marin Blake, J01, wed Max Barry at her parents’ home in Milford, CT, on July 26, 2008. Jumbos in attendance included, back row, from left: Ted Blake, G08; Emily Grossman, A02; Sean Tracy, A02; Michelle Clair, A02; Adam Halperin, A01; Peter Loeb, A99; Maria Celli, J00; Alissa Hike Harris, J01; and Ryan Murray, A01; second row, from left: Jennifer Brown, J01; Melissa (Cohen) Loeb, J00; Leela Parker, J00; Janet (Blumenfeld) Goldenstein, E01; Sharmila Mohanraj, J01; and Jillian (Roth) Dolin, J01; front row, from left: Shara Dellatore, A02; Christina Ednalino, J01; groom; bride; Gillian Galen, J01; and Meenakshi Nankani, J01. The couple resides in Paris.

BROWN & DZUBOW Becca Brown, J97, married Jason Dzubow on September 7, 2008, at a family friend’s riverside horse farm on the eastern shore of Maryland. Becca and Jason live in Washington, DC, where Becca works at the EPA, and Jason is an immigration lawyer. Jumbos in attendance included, from left: Orlena Yee, J97; Kiara Vigil, J97; Laura (Pyterek) Nazef, J97; Yoav Schreiber, A96; bride; Naomi Brown, A02, M06, the bride’s sister; and her cousins Alex Kelston, A04, and Sarah (Hindels) Regan, J00. Not pictured: Danya Greenfield, J97.

CHINES & MUTI Jonathan Chines, A99, wed Maria Muti on June 7, 2008, in Goddard Chapel. Jumbos in attendance included, from left: Daria (Dushenkov) Mark, E01, E04; Laura Bernheim, J97; Zsolt Mark, A99, E04; Alefiya Dhilla Albers, J99; Melanie (Moran) Magno, E00; Sarah Dwyer-Heidkamp, J99; bride; groom; Shadi Tayarani, J99; Jim Ricciuti, A99; Adam Kroft, E08; Dave D’Aprile, A99; Conor Sheehan, E03; Kate Grzesiuk, A03; Greg Beutner, A98; Amy (Markowitz) Nable, J99; and Lisa (Tortorice) Ragaza, J99. Also in attendance was Jennifer Cardello, J98. The couple resides in Medford, MA.

CHRISTENSEN & BRIGHT Caroline Taylor Christensen, J74, and Jay Bright, A74, married thirty-seven years after they met at Tufts at a party in Carmichael Hall. “What a long, strange trip it’s been,” they wrote.

CHRONLEY & WHITTEN Courtney Chronley, E98, wed Christie Whitten of Gainesville, FL, on August 16, 2008, in Millburn, NJ. Jumbos in attendance included Henrik Patel, A98; Matt Shafer, E97; Jason Burak, A98; James Metzger, A00; David Gillespie, E98; Jason Hudachek, E98; Blade Kotelle, E95; Neil Nichols, A97; and Nate Wolfson, A98.

DALLOUL & TABBARA Ziad Dalloul, A96, wed Dima Tabbara on October 10, 2008, in Beirut, Lebanon, where they live. Jumbos in attendance included, from left: Robert Weinberg, A94; Elia Hadati, E95; Kayvan Ghassemi, A96; Mozez Singh, A96; groom; bride; Garance Massart, A96; Roberto Bueno, A98; Joachim Djian, A96; Kristen Rosen, J95; and Cyrus Ghassemi, A93.

DENES & MILLER Maggie Denes, E04, wed Dan Miller on December 31, 2007, at Maggie’s home in St. Louis, MO. Jumbos in attendance included, from left: Amanda Munoz, A04; Martha Betz, E04; bride; Allison Cohen, A04; and Rachel Klein, A04. Maggie and Dan are medical students at the University of Missouri.

GERBER & STURMWIND Alexis Gerber, A05, wed Noam Sturmwind on July 17, 2008, at the New York Botanical Gardens, Bronx, NY. The couple resides in Jerusalem, Israel, and plans to return to New York in fall 2009.

GOLDBERG & TAYLOR Katie Goldberg, A02, wed Scott Taylor, E02, G04, on June 6, 2008, in Stony Point, NY. Jumbos in attendance included, back row, from left: William Monin-Browder, A02; Jonathan Japha, A02; Guy DelVecchio, E02; Nathaniel Sznycer-Taub, A02; Neil Taylor, A02; Matthew Baron, A02; David Stein, A02; and Khoa Tran, A02; middle row, from left: Paula Romero, A02; Michael MacGregor, A02; Maureen Mahon, A03; Eva Rebek, A02; Ann (Motl) Taylor, J01; Amy (Peiser) Barrer, A03; Lindsay (Stanton) Baron, A02; Ilenna Elman, A06; Andrea (Goldberg) Beaser, A02; Jessica (Bowes) Tran, A02; G03; Sarah Lyman, A02; Neal McMahon, A02; and Jonathan Smith, A02; front row, from left: Michael Feldman, A02; Joel Kessel, A56; bride; groom; Elizabeth Monnin-Browder, A03; and Adam Barrer, A02. The couple lives in New York City.

GREENFIELD & NEWMAN Mollie Greenfield, A04, wed Michael Newman, E03, on June 1, 2008, at Temple Israel Center in White Plains, NY. Jumbos in attendance included, back row, from left: Nina Yadava, A04; Deborah Anilionis, A04; Emily Kott, A04; Adrienne Yeganeh, A04; Joshua Halpern, A03; Howard Newman, A00, G03, the groom’s brother; Michael Fabiani, A09; Joshua Gold, A03; Daniel Fowler, A03; Shirley Cheng, A04; Hillary Dunn, A03; Jonathan Lee, E03; and Jonathan Stanewick, A03; front row, from left: Jamie (Kaplan) Citron, A04; Alexis Margolin, A04; Allison Friedman, A04; Elyssa Rosenberg, A04; groom; bride; Andrew Hambelton, A03; Lyndsey Parman, A04; Jerome Shapiro, A03; and Lucian Iancovici, A04, M08. The couple resides in Great Neck, NY.

ISRAEL & SINROD Laura Israel, A04, wed Daniel Sinrod, A03, on April 13, 2008, at Angel Orensanz Foundation in New York City. Rabbi Jeffrey Summit, G88, G95, of Tufts Hillel, officiated. Jumbos in attendance included, front row, from left: Marissa (Goldberg) Cole, A04; Elizabeth Candee, A04; Flori Engler, A04; Lauren Amira, A04; bride; groom; and Rabbi Summit; back row, from left: Elliot Miller, E04, E06; Josh Pressman, A04; Jason Litwack, A03; Jerome Shapiro, A03; Josh Gold A03; and Michael Fleischman, A05. Not pictured: Elliot Miller, A05, and David Dembitzer, A90.

KHAMSYVORAVONG & ZACHOWSKI Jessie Khamsyvoravong, A04, wed Jeffrey Zachowski, A04, on September 3, 2008, in Southhold, NY. Jumbos in attendance included, back row, from left: Steve Liu, E04; Ani Altoonian, A04; Kate Harris, A04; Joelle Landino, A04; groom; Marco Cedrone, A04; Shira Levy, A04; and Dave Pegnataro, E04; front row, from left: bride; Akiko Takahashi, A04; and Janet Luan, A04.

KIMBALL & WEBB Sarah Kimball, A05, wed Jon Webb on July 4, 2008, at Roland’s Place in New Haven, VT. Jumbos in attendance included, from left: Kathryn Brooks, A05; Sarah Dalglish, A05; Justine Alger, A02; groom; bride; David Polk, A05; Emilie MacRae, A05; Lucy Villar, A05; and Jessica Sutton, A05. The couple resides in Middletown, OH.

LEACH & WEISENSEEL Kathryn Leach, J88, wed Robert Weisenseel, E92, on August 15, 2008, at an oceanside park in Oak Bluffs, Martha’s Vineyard, MA. It was a surprise wedding; only two of the “guests” knew of the nuptials in advance, including Douglas Larrick, E91. The couple resides in Arlington, MA.

LUCK & LEIBOH Rachel Luck, A04, wed Seth Leiboh, E04, on October 13, 2007, at the Hall of Springs in Saratoga Springs, NY. Jumbos in attendance included, back row, from left: Nora Merbaum, A04; Nina Schwartz, A04; Michael Tomkins, E04; Amy Stone, A04; Lindsay Levy, A04; and Ryan Benson, E04; front row, from left: Max Snyder, A04; Melissa (Sobel) Snyder, A04; groom; bride; Caroline Postel, A04; and Jared Blum, A04. The couple lives in Waltham, MA.

LUCKI & BAXTER Eva Lucki, A02, wed Matthew Baxter, E02, on September 13, 2008, in Southampton, NY. Jumbos in attendance included Jonathon Bufort, E02; Thomas Geary, E02; Shayan Haque, E02; Corey Perlmutter, E02; Daniel Hooks, E02; Michael Willey, E02; Dennis Bachman, E02; Michelle Bachman, A02; Erica Lander, A02; and Nancy Phear, J01. The couple resides in Sag Harbor, NY.

MAGPAYO & LEGASPI Cynthia Magpayo, A02, wed Mark Legaspi, A02, on August 29, 2008, in New York City. Jumbos in attendance included, from left: David Jen, A02; Melissa Yee, A02; Marc Whedbee, A03; Miyuki Tsukada, A03; Ga-Young Choi, A02; Navin Watumull, A02; Carson Ng, A02; groom; Keun Dong Kim, A02; bride; Joseph Pak, A02; Rahul Mandiga, A02, M07; Christina Chan, A02; Erika Lee, A02, M06; Rudy Wen, E02; Nathaniel Francisco, A03; Sarah Kupper, A07; Tristan Reed, A02; Suthima Malayaman, A02; Cyril Thomas, A02; Kristi Kiyonaga, A02; and Marsha Ma Young, A02. Not pictured: Matthew Magpayo, E05, E06, and Minh Le, A07.

MALIN & SCHUMANN Alexandra Malin, A02, wed Matthew Schumann, A02, in Vermont on August 19, 2008. Jumbos in attendance included, back row, from left: Ariana Roseman, A02; Kate Johnstone, A02; Heather Kyle, A02; Nash Borges, A02; and Sarah Swain, A02; middle row, from left: Jenne Abramowitz, A02; Katie Crowley, A02; Caitlin Stone, A02; Sarah Clark, A02; Sheri Weinberg, A02; Dave Satine, A02; Dave Shoenfeld, A03; Seren Levinson Cepler, A02; Jamie Platkin, A01; Trent Ruder, A02; Jennifer Mendel, A04; and Melissa Faubert, A02; front row, from left: Katie Razin Gibs, A02; bride; groom; and Ethan Todras-Whitehill, A02. Not pictured: Sarah Molenkamp, A02, and Nichole Bosson, A02, M07.

MARIACA & SULLIVAN Katherine Mariaca, J86, wed Timothy Sullivan, A86, on August 17, 2008, on Madaket Beach, Nantucket, MA. The couple lives in Amherst, NH, with their children, Connor Sullivan, Katie Sullivan, and Derek Calzada-Mariaca.

McLAUGHLIN & SHUTTLEWORTH Sarah McLaughlin, J93, wed Jim Shuttleworth on July 12, 2008, at the Shelburne Museum in Shelburne, VT. Jumbos in attendance included: Chad Zawitz, A93; David Gardner, A58; and Heather Press Wasliew, J93. The couple resides in Salem, MA.

MUIR & SWARNER Adrianna Muir, A02, wed Matthew Swarner on June 30, 2008, in Brooklyn, NY. Jumbos in attendance included, from left: Basia Szajda, A02; Sasha Lalite, A02; Melissa Landrey, A02; bride; Kelly Wisnewski, A02; and Taseea Lainas, E02. The couple resides in Davis, CA.

POLIVY & SCHATZ Joelle Polivy, A06, wed Timm Schatz, E04, on October 6, 2007, at Wye River in Queenstown, MD. Jumbos in attendance included: Rob Bernstein, A79; Lisa Ehrich Bernstein, J79; Daniel Coleman, E04; Stephen Bober, G76; Scott Green, D83; Ethan Wishnick, A05; Carl Freedman, F74; Marjory Ehrich Lewis, J76; Rachel Baratz Ehrich, J79; Marc Ehrich, A76; Suzanne Bernstock, A06; Ryan Killeen, A06; Liza Blumenthal, A06; Tamara Savin, A06; Jessica Powers, A06; Rebecca Dince, A06; Julia Avrutin, A07; James Blockwood, A04; Bryan Conti, A05; Beverly Ehrich Freedman, J74; Timothy Rotolo, A06; Beth Polisson, A04; Alison Savery, A06; Catie Connolly, E06; Emily Kolovson, A06; Ariel Samuelson Winn, A06; Rebecca Holden, A06; Maggie Lovett, E06; Dara Granoff, A05; Craig Gelormini, E04; Lisa Blumenstock Gelormini, A04; Christopher Decembrele, A07; Marcellus Rolle, A04; Carlos Montalvan, A04; Andrew Gelfand, E04; Adam Delaney-Winn, A06; Ben Delaney-Winn, A04; and Jason Hall, E04.

PORTER & HOLTHOFF Jason Porter, A92, married Mark Holthoff in a small ceremony officiated by Shannon Klohr, J92, on October 12, 2008, in Saratoga, CA. The couple is thrilled to finally be able to marry after being together for nearly thirteen years.

RADFORD & ZERVAS Noelani Radford, J01, wed Michael Zervas on September 27, 2008, at the Seaport Hotel in Boston. Jumbos in attendance included, from left: Justine Kurland, A02; Tanya Newell, J01; Emily Starr, J01; and Shira Fishman, E01. The couple lives in Boston.

RIVERA & COLLADO Melba Rivera, J98, wed Ricardo Collado on August 2, 2008, in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Jumbos in attendance included, from left: Gustavo Chico, A99; Carmen Lamoutte, J00; Wendy Vargas, J98; bride; groom; Annette Barlia, J99; Ana Mercier, J98; Heather Silber, J98; and Nuria Ortiz, J98. The couple resides in Piscataway, NJ.

RIZZUTO & BARRETT Len Rizzuto, E01, wed Kelly Barrett on July 21, 2007, in Goddard Chapel. Jumbos and friends in attendance included, back row, from left: Cristina DiRenzo Stornanti, A02; Satch Najarian, E01; Frank Stornanti Jr., A01; Darrell Interess, E03; Christopher Sikes, A01; and Jonathan Lam, A01; front row, from left: Jason Mahoney and the bride and groom. The couple resides in Woburn, MA.

SARSON & HUDAK Kelly Sarson, A04, wed Caleb Hudak, A04, on September 20, 2008, at the Beverly Yacht Club in Marion, MA. Jumbos in attendance included, front row, from left: Michelle Roberts, E02; Liz Hayden, A04; Jess Biel, A04; and Beth Grosart, A04; second row, seated from left: Ed Casabian, A64; David Frew, A04; Amy Gonzalez, A04; groom; bride; Jen Barnett, A04; Dana Panzer, A05; Mike Leist, A04; Justin Richter, E04; and Bora Vukaj, E04; third row, standing from left: Matt Keller, A04; Alex Berg, A04; Kerry Frisoli, J93; Mike Frisoli, A93; Adam Kacamburas, A04; Sarah Habitz, A03; Reid Palmer, A04; Jay Hirsh, A04; Jesse Dinner, A04; Pete Damsgaard, A04; Chris Lawrence, A05; Adam Wylie, E04; Matt Cerne, A04; Tom Mulcahy, E04; and Catherine Benedict, A05; back row, standing from left: Gregg Barton, A03; Greg Hickey, A04; Peter Walls, A04; and Ed Casabian III, A04.

SCHUPMANN & WU Lisa Schupmann, E05, E07, wed Chengyuan Wu, E03, E04, M08, on May 24, 2008, at the Towers Hill Botanical Garden in West Boylston, MA. Jumbos in attendance included, back row, from left: Dena Wenner, A02; Craig Wenner, E03; Jordy DeFelice, E04; Sean Bjerke, E04; Michael Coughlin, E03; Janelle Lavoie, G07; Vincent Miccio, A03; Todd Ryan, E05; Raymond Chang, E06; Benjamin Thayer, E05; Matthew Berlin, A03; and Elaine Wang, A03; third row, from left: Meredith Kolpak, E05, G07; Santiya Pradipasena, E05; Sarah Lewis, A05; Marielle Pleasant, E05, G06; Daniel Hoagland, A03; Paul Kafasis, E04; and Wonjae Kim, E05, G06; second row, from left: Andrea Daley, E05, G07; Caryn Harris, A05; and Sara Arcaya, A05; front row, from left: Simon Holroyd, E04; Carolyn Whitten, A04; groom; bride; Cecilia Dos Santos, A05; Christina Donivan, A05; and Geordi Filiotis, E04, G06. The couple lives in Philadelphia.

SFEIR & LANDINO Joelle Sfeir, A04, wed Christopher Landino on July 12, 2008, in Buffalo, NY. Jumbos in attendance included Jeffrey Zachowski, A04; Ani Altoonian, A04; Kate Harris, A04; Jessica Khamsyvoravong, A04; Akiko Takahashi, A04; Shira Levy, A04; and Janet Luan, A04.

STEIN & BENNETT Rebecca Stein, A03, wed Matthew Bennett, A03, on August 31, 2008, in Chicago, where they live. Jumbos in attendance included, from left: Joi Kamper, A03; Amira Baker, A03; bride; groom; Kristin Sternowski, A03; Ilina Chaudhuri, A03; and Josh Cohen, A03.

STERN & LOEWENBERGER Joanna Stern, J01, wed Jeremy Loewenberger on January 24, 2008, in New York City, where they are living. Jumbos in attendance included, back row, from left: Beth Rotenberg, A02; Alessandro Terenzoni, A01; and Bill McCarthy, A02; front row, from left: Seren Levinson Cepler, A02; groom; bride; Moira Poe, J01; and Julie Schnur, A02.

TRABKA & KILFOYLE Kimberly Trabka, A03, wed Brian Kilfoyle, A01, on August 16, 2008, at the Tribeca Rooftop in New York City. Jumbos in attendance included, front row, from left: Brett Kobelin, E03; Mohi Peeran, A01; James Kraemer, E02, E03; and Greg Devine, E03; back row, from left: Sharon Kobelin, A03; Page Perkins, J01; Lynelle Cortellini-Devine, A03; Paige Baker, A03, groom; bride; Elizabeth Grant, A03; Emily Goodman, A03; and Elizabeth Davis, A03.

ZIEMAN & GARIBALDI Vera Hannah Zieman, F01, wed Oscar Andrew Garibaldi on May 25, 2008, at Whitehall Manor in Bluemont, VA. Jumbos in attendance included Jana (Butland) McCarthy, J97, F03, and Kelly Morgan, F00. The couple resides in Somerville, MA. Vera has transferred to the Boston-area office of the same government consulting company, CENTRA Technology Inc., she worked for in Washington, DC. Her husband works in management consulting.

ZIMMERMAN & SLEWETT Peter Zimmerman, A98, wed Danielle Slewett on May 31, 2008, at the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables, FL. Jumbos in attendance included David Zimmerman, A95, M00; Jill Gottlieb, J98; Tatiana Miron Ahlers, J99; John Sherry, A99; and Melissa Arbus, J00. The couple resides in Miami Beach, FL.

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