Vol. VIII No. IV

Editor in Chief
Laura Ferguson

Michele Gouveia

Art Director
Kathy Sayre

Web Coordinator
Enza Vescera

Student Assistants
Meredith Morley, J02, editorial
Philipp Tsipman, A04, web

Contributing Writers
Daniel Gross, Paul Sweeney

Contributing Photographers
Jon Chomitz, Allan E. Dines, Rose Lincoln, Ed Malitsky, Mark Morelli, George Riley, J.D. Sloan, Bethany Versoy, Ira Wyman

Director, Alumni Relations
Timothy D. Brooks

Tufts University Alumni Association

Executive Committee
William O'Reilly, A77
Immediate past president
Elliott Lerman, E65
First vice president
Alan MacDougall, A65
Administrative vice presidents
Usha Sellers, J57, G58
Dr. James de Jong, A78, V85
Regional vice presidents
Alison Breed, J66, G72
Barry Rosenbaum, A60
Eleanor Zeff, J65
Marilyn Blumsack, J79, G82
Augusta Heywood, F86, F92
Elaine Kasparian, J58
Ann Palmieri, J78
Melvin Prague, A48
Jonathan Stearns, A66 |
Assistant Treasurer
Christopher Goguen, A92
TUAA Secretary
Nancy Sardella


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