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Summer Scholars collage
  Winter 2003
Cover Story
Summer Scholars
From jazz to biomedical studies, students chart a course of discovery in a new university program.
Nurture Your Nature
For Jose Ordovas, good health is not only a matter of what you eat.
  Jose Ordovas photo
Beyond Words
An interview with noted choreographer Donald Byrd, A73, on his passion for modern dance.
  Donald Byrd photo
Upfront Stories   Sports
  “Give Back, Push Forward and Lead”
Highlights of Tufts' 147th Commencement
  Meeting Climate Change Goals
Tufts announces adoption of climate change goals of NEG/ECP
  Element at Risk
A visit from Dr. Vahid Alavian, senior water resources specialist at the World Bank
  A Summit for “Strong Women”
Miriam Nelson, N85, N87 and Erin Brockovitch to speak at benefit this fall
  This Semester:
Latin American Literature and Film

An interview with Spanish Department Lecturer Claudia Mejia
In Good Hands:
Men's Lacrosse Coach Mike Daly, A95
The Rhythms of Prose
English Professor Jonathan Wilson on the rhythms of prose and a new novel

Magical Surprises, Trip into Nostalgia, Returning Seniors, Not the Only One, Naming Conventions

New books by Tufts faculty and alumni
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