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Summer 2003


Magical surprises
The spring 2003 issue of Tufts Magazine just arrived in my mailbox. I couldn’t be happier to see the Magic Circle Theater on the cover and highlighted within the issue. This is such a well-deserving group, with an incredibly talented staff. My son has been attending their summer performances for the last ten years, and was part of their Creative Arts/Jackson Troupe program for five years. I’m so delighted they are being recognized in this way.

Carol Liedes
Andover, MA
Trip into Nostalgia
What a nice surprise and a great trip into nostalgia while reading about the lost movie houses of Somerville. My wife and I both grew up and lived in the Teele Square/Davis Square area until 1940. We fondly remember attending many of the theatres mentioned in the article (during seven years of depression-era dating with admission prices of 25 to 50 cents each). After marriage in 1940, we kept up with local happenings through periodic family visits until 1959. Although my mother did not care for movies she made sure that my sister went weekly to collect the plate-of-the-week until the set was complete. The set (long since gone) was given to us to use “for the kitchen” when we married. It was also our only set for quite a while. Many thanks to Professor Guss for reviving many fond memories for us.

Ralph C. Palange, E36
Shrewsbury, MA
Returning Seniors
While I certainly applaud any institution for taking a good, hard look at itself periodically, I had to laugh when I read one of the main findings/concerns in this article (“College Life Reconsidered, spring 2003). At one point, Professor Metcalf is quoted about having difficulty reconnecting seniors to campus life once they return from programs abroad. I was one of those returning seniors—in 1970. Not only did the University not have housing for me, but they even forgot I existed! It was a very upsetting and difficult first few days of the semester and, in truth, I never did feel reconnected after that. But 33 years later is a little late to address this obviously ongoing problem.

Sandra Stark, J 71
Warren, NJ
Not the Only One
It is always great to read about my old buddy John Baronian and his ongoing dedication to Tufts. I know of no one else who would travel the world and collect elephants, except perhaps Ringling Bros. Also, no one is more deserving of the awards mentioned in your Class Notes section. In your last issue, you mentioned John was the only lineman to have earned four letters in football. Not to take anything away from John, but I too had that wonderful distinction and pleasure. There may be others as well who took advantage of the freshman eligibility rule available after WWII. However, you might acknowledge John for having been selected on the Armenian All-American Team during that period. You are doing a fine job with your magazine. Keep up the good work.

Irv Schneider, A50
Hallandale, FL