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The Big Day

Now you can share your special day with classmates, friends, and family. The wedding photos on this site are high resolution so they can be displayed in a larger format, downloaded, or printed out on photo paper. We hope you enjoy this enhancement of the Tufts Magazine Online website.

BAUS & BOGUMIL Katherine Baus, E00, wed Thomas Bogumil on September 16, 2006, in Princeton, NJ. Jumbos in attendance included: Ephraim Akyuz, E00; Deborah Stein, J00, M05; Laura Longhine, J00; and Catherine Petronino, E00, E05. The couple lives in Lueneburg, Germany.


BOWES & TRAN Jessica Bowes, A02, G03, wed Khoa Tran, A02, on May 19, 2007, in Windham, NH. Jumbos in attendance included, back row, from left: Michael Feldman, A02; William Monnin-Browder, A02; Kyle Grady, G05; Paula Romero, A02; Nathaniel Sznycer-Taub, A02; Guy DelVecchio, E02; Michael Beaser, A02; Neil Taylor, A02; Ilenna Elman, A06; David Stein, A02; Scott Taylor, E02; Jonathan Smith, A02; Aaron Sokolow, A03; and Seth Kipp, A02; middle row, from left: Kate Goldberg, A02; Andrea (Goldberg) Beaser, A02; Marissa Simonelli, A03; Ann (Motl) Taylor, J01; Elizabeth Monnin-Browder, A03; Erin Loew, A03; Sarah Lyman, A02; Neal McMahon, A02; Amanda Bronesky, A02; Diana Cohen, A03; Amee Shah, A02; Sarah (Vivenzio) Kipp, A02; and Andrea Walther, A02; front row, from left: Rachel Bowes, G07; bride; groom. The couple resides in West Hartford, CT.

BRECHER & DARICEK Rachel Brecher, E01, wed Clay Daricek on October 13, 2007, at the Bedford Village Inn in Bedford, NH. Jumbos in attendance included, from left: Lauren Pepper, E01; Jenn (Greene) Smith, E01; Liz Russell, E01; Gerry Topping, E00; Jenny Mehlman, J01; groom; bride; Hilary Richard, E01; Lee Stucenski, E01; Stephanie (Gawlak) Topping, E01; Brian Ostrer, A97; and Patrick Girvin, E01. The couple resides in Boston.

BREGMAN & EKGAUS Michael Bregman, A04, wed Marina Ekgaus on July 15, 2007, in Mamaroneck, NY. Jumbos in attendance included: Laura Horwitz, A03; Guy Friedman, A04; Adam Blickstein, A04; Massiel Pedreira, A04; Turner Savard, A04; Jonathan Bassett, A04; Kristian Horvei, A04; Patricia Wong, A04; Fred Liu, A04; and Alex Lexy, A04. The couple resides in New York City.

EAKER & BAKER Kristen Eaker, A03, wed William Bryan Baker on September 29, 2007, in Southport, CT. Jumbos in attendance included, from left: Elyse Steiner, J91; Lisa Dobey, A03; Jeremy Zuniga, A02; Lucinda Ciano, A03; bride; groom; Lucy Shapiro, A03; Amanda Raymond, A03; Kathy Fritz, A03; Andrew Fritz, A03; Maureen Mahon, A03; and Jon Japha, A02. The couple resides in Annapolis, MD.

HALL & LEVESQUE Caroline Hall, E03, wed Pete Levesque, E03, on September 2, 2007, in Tiverton, RI. Jumbos in attendance included, back row, from left: Katie Mimms, A06; Tufts sailing Coach Ken Legler; AJ Crane, E04; Dan Reinhardt, A03; Kristen (Eaker) Baker, A03; Clare Dooley, A03; Deane Madsen, A03; Rob Pascal, A03; JR Maxwell, A03; Katie Shuman, E04; Scott Hanchar, E03; Taylor Fallon, A03; Jeff Cruise, A06; Reid Van Gorder, A03; Jen Provan, J01; Katie Greenlee, A07; Lisa Keith, J01; Sean Greely, A02; Lauren (Manning) Derrick, J01; Zander Kirkland, A06; and Adam Deermount, A01; front row, from left: Kristen (Tysell) Ghoussaini, A04; Nick Ghoussaini, A04; Matt Cohen, A03; bride; groom; Joel Hanneman, E03; Carlos Lenz, E01; and Karen Waldorf, E03. The couple resides in Rhode Island.

KUNG & TSAY Fan-Pei Kung, G07, wed Songwei Tsay, G09, on February 2, 2008, in Taiwan. The couple resides in Massachusetts.

LANGWORTHY & GLEASON Ashley Langworthy, A02, wed Peter Gleason, A02, on September 2, 2007, in Honolulu, HI. Jumbos and friends in attendance included, back row, from left: Brigid Brannigan, A02; Stacy Taniguchi, A02; Kari Jacobson, A02; bride; groom; Eleanor Park, J01; and Monika Navarro, A02; front row, from left: Pat Brophy, A02; Jeff Wong, A02; Elaine Shapland, A02; Jeremy Wilbur, A00; Evangeline Thibodeau, A02; and Michael Bartner. The couple lives in Palo Alto, CA.

LEVINSON & CEPLER Seren Levinson, A02, wed Craig Cepler on August 5, 2007, in West Hartford, CT. Jumbos in attendance included, from left: Alison Clarke, A03; Ben Lee, A03; Alex Malin Schumann, A02; Katie Razin Gibs, A02; Matthew Schumann, A02; bride; groom; Jennifer Bien, A02; Amanda Berkowitz, A02; Beth Rotenberg, A02; Melissa Faubert, A02; David Schoenfeld, A03; and Joanna Stern, J01. The couple resides in New York.

MANZO & DESMARAIS Janis Manzo, A02, wed Joseph Desmarais on December 27, 2007, in Rhode Island. The couple resides in Cranston, RI.

O’MALLEY & DILLON Jennifer O’Malley, J98, wed Patrick Dillon on June 30, 2007, at St. Mary’s Church in Franklin, MA. They reside in Des Moines, IA.

SPIELER & SIEGEL Barry Spieler, A83, wed Sari Siegel on April 13, 2008, in East Brunswick, NJ. Jumbos in attendance included Elliot Spieler, A82, the groom’s brother, and Alfred Spieler, A52, the groom’s father. The couple resides in Birmingham, AL.

Your Celebration Photos
We strongly encourage couples to have their professional wedding photographer take the photograph they submit to Tufts Magazine to ensure high-quality reproduction in print. Photos submitted electronically must be at least 1024x680 pixels to be printed. Please email your information to kaleigh.fitzpatrick@tufts.edu.

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