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Your Celebration Photos

Now you can share your special day with classmates, friends, and family. The wedding photos on this site are high resolution so they can be displayed in a larger format, downloaded, or printed out on photo paper. We hope you enjoy this enhancement of the Tufts Magazine Online website.

We strongly encourage couples to have their professional photographer take the photograph they submit to Tufts Magazine to ensure high-quality reproduction in print. Photos submitted electronically must be at least 1024x680 pixels to be printed. Please email your information to weddings@tufts.edu.

ARROYO & SHARABAIKA Alexis Arroyo, A02, wed Aaron Sharabaika on September 5, 2010, at Church of the Holy Innocents in West Point, NY. Jumbos in attendance included, back row, from left: Ira Fox, A03; Jeffrey Staw, E97; Piti Itharat, A00, G06; Jonathan Perle, A02; Andrew Sidrane, A03, G05; and Christopher Soper, A02. Front row, from left: Heather Rich, A02; bride; Winifred Chane, J00; Eric Holubow, E02; and Jordan Lapkin, A03.

BLOCH & GALDES Allon Bloch, A05, wed Annelise Galdes on August 21, 2010, in Brewster, MA. Jumbos pictured, from left: David Fiore, E05, D09; Hailey Fitzgerald, A08; Bryce Petruccelli, A05; bride; Henry Delfiner, F62; groom; Justin Chu, E05; and Rekha Gavini, A04.

BLUM & RUBIN Eryn Blum, A02, wed Danny Rubin on August 29, 2010, at the Della Terra Mountain Chateau in Estes Park, CO. Jumbos in attendance included, from left: Jared Blum, A04; Stacey (Hofflich) Gitten, A02; bride; groom; Dara (Freedman) Dyer, A03; and Shauna Gilmore, A03, G06. The couple resides in Denver.

CHUNG & KIM Jeein Chung, A02, wed Jung Eun Kim on November 6, 2010, in Busan, South Korea. The couple resides in Hoboken, NJ.

CIANO & ZUNIGA Lucinda Ciano, A03, wed Jeremy Zuniga, A02, on July 3, 2010, in Cambridge, MA. A reception followed at the
Liberty Hotel in Boston. Jumbos in attendance included, from left: Michael Lamson, A02; Lisa Dobey, A03; Kristen (Eaker) Baker, A03; Carol Warfield, E73, J73, M76; bride; groom; Andrew Markus, A02; Robert Greene, A02; and Ian Kell, A02. Kevin Reade, E02, is behind them. The couple resides in New York City, where Lucinda is an assistant vice president in client development at Sotheby’s Auction House, and Jeremy is an orthodontics resident at Columbia University College of Dental Medicine.

COOMBS & BARADARAN Peter Coombs, A04, wed Hediyeh Baradaran on June 12, 2010, in West Point, NY. Jumbos and friends in attendance included, back row, from left: Ryan Magee; Evan Barnathan, A08; and Tom Baran, E04; front row, from left: Brian Quirk, A02; groom; bride; Anna Vodicka, A05; Mollie Wertlieb, A06; Maggie Beiser, A03; and Nathalie Wade, A04. Not pictured: Jessica Sutton, A06. The couple lives in New York City.

CUNNINGHAM & BURKE Kristy Cunningham, A06, wed Jim Burke, E04, G06, in Carbondale, CO, at the base of Mt. Sopris, on September 18, 2010. Jumbos in attendance included, back row, from left: Nick Rossetti, A82; Kurt Bruch, E04, G06; Tom Trilla, A04; Eugene Fayerberg, A06; Ryan Steeb, E04; Jon Goulet, E04; and Loi Sessions Goulet, A05; front row, from left: Anna Filatov, A04; Annemarie Braun, E03; groom; bride; Amber Woods Fayerberg, A06; Eliza Appert, A06; Emily Hersh-Burdick, A06; and Erin Gregory, A06. Jim and Kristy are both attorneys in Denver.

DELUCA & LOGAN Diana DeLuca, E03, wed Steve Logan on September 5, 2010, on Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire. Jumbos in attendance included, from left: Zinger Yang, A05, G07; Erin Meyers, J00; Suba Chandrasekaran, A03; Meghan (Roessel) Dent, A03; Michael DeLuca, A01; Frances Harper, A03; Amy DeLuca, A06; Susan (Bordewieck) DeLuca, J74, A01P, E03P, A06P; Lydia Beall, G04; Dana DeLuca, E73, A01P, E03P, A06P; bride; and groom. The couple resides in Natick, MA.

DEWEY & PATTEE Megan Dewey, A06, wed Christopher Pattee on September 5, 2010, in Missoula, MT. Jumbos and friends in attendance included, from left: Mari Pullen, A06; Ryan Regensburg; Jennifer Salluzzo, A06, M10; groom; bride; John Quashie, A06; Cory Brown; and Edward Sullivan.

DUCA & PALMA Melissa Duca, J96, M02, wed Paul Palma on August 6, 2010, in Stow, MA. Jumbos in attendance included, back row, from left: Thomas Faber, M02, MPH02; Jeffrey Mazer, M02; Cory Sakakeeny, E98; Loren Roth, J96, M04; and David McAndrew, E96; front row, from left: Ruth (Wiseman) Sakakeeny, J98, M02; groom; bride; Cristina Cataldo, J96, G98; Jennifer (McCarthy) McAndrew, J96; David Martin, E96; Melissa Morley, J98; and Eugene Han, A96. The couple resides in Ashland, MA.

ELMAN & STEIN Ilenna Elman, A06, married David Stein, A02, on July 19, 2009, at the Omni Parker House in Boston. Jumbos in attendance included, back row, from left: Michael Feldman, A02; Neil Taylor, A02; Robert Spies, A06; Jonathan Japha, A02; Scott Taylor, E02, G04; Michael Beaser, A02; William Monnin-Browder, A02; Guy Del Vecchio, E02; Michael MacGregor, A02; Jonathan Smith, A02; Khoa Tran, A02; Tim Fallon, E97, G99; Jordan Marton, E06; Christopher Healey, A06; Ilan Behm, E06, MPH09; Edward Arous, A07; Jeffrey Katzin, A06; and Brittany Sommer, A08; middle row, from left: Sarah (Lyman) Kalogerakis, A02; Jessie (Bowes) Tran, A03; Andrea (Goldberg) Beaser, A02, G04; Nicole Mueller, A06; Elizabeth Monnin-Browder, A03; Andrew Chira, A06; Julie Rapaport, A06; Jessica Cohen, A06, G07; Robin Liss, A06; Lisa Hedstrom, E06; Laura Spring, A06; Jaaron Graham, A00, V05; Deborah Stein, J00, M05; Angela Lowenstein, G04; Scott Harsfield, D00, DG04; and Aman Gupta, A06; front row, from left: Cassandra (Paine) Spies, A06; Sarah Fiorillo, A06; Michelle Tsang, E06; bride; groom; Tiffany Frank, A06; Ann (Motl) Taylor, J01; Jillian Hochstrasser, A06; and future Jumbo Matthew Harsfield. The couple resides in Brookline, MA.

ENNIS & GRAHAM Katherine Ennis, A04, wed Michael Graham on September 25, 2010, in Southampton, NY. Jumbos in attendance included, back row, from left: Peter Schaefer, A04; Colin Stewart, A04; groom; Peter Markus, E04; Adrian Clarke, A04; and Max Twine, A04; front row, from left: Elizabeth Chesler, A04; Daniel Weidenfeld, A04; Nicole Frattaroli, A04; and bride. The couple resides in New York City.

FISCHMANN & ORENSTEIN Diana Fischmann, A03, wed Noah Orenstein on May 23, 2010, outside Philadelphia. Jumbos in attendance included, back row, from left: John Vorrasi, E04; Eric Satler, A03; Aaron Sokolow, A03; and Ben Moskowitz, A09; front row, from left: Grace Mitchell, A03; Heidi Tyson Vorrasi, A03; Diana Cohen Sokolow, A03; bride; groom; Kristin Sternowski, A03; Ilina Chaudhuri, A03; Traci Lee, A03; Marissa Goldberg Cole, A04; Jackie Lester Kallman, A03; Mike Masterman, E03; and Allison Luhrs, A03.

GELLES & GRUNWALD David P. Gelles, A99, wed Danna Grunwald on November 21, 2010, at Temple Beth Hillel-Beth El in Wynnewood, PA. Jumbos in attendance included, from left: Caron Levis, J00; Jonathan Blau, A99; Shauna Schwartz, J99; groom; bride; Colin Durrant, A98; Raquel (Almeida) Frechette, J98; Joshua Rosen, E99, G05 (his Tufts roommate who introduced the couple); and Ben Schmidt, A02.

GOLDWASSER & RUBINSTEIN Cheryl Goldwasser, E06, G08, wed Benjamin Rubinstein, A05, on October 30, 2010, in Jersey City, NJ. Jumbos in attendance included, from left: Neil Padover, A07; Anjuli (Singh) Bodapati, A06; Priyanka Bhandari, A06; Aekta (Shah) Fifadara, A06, D09; Meghna Gupta, A06; Charlie Pace, A06; Amy Patanasinth, A06; Sara Reid, E06; Jeff Burke, A06; Erika Goodwin, E06; bride; groom; Jonathan Cohen, E05; Emily Rubinstein, E05; Jonathan Parnes, A05; Nick Lepham, A07; and Jeff Smith, E06. The couple resides in New York City. 

GOODMAN & SIMEONE Emily Goodman, A03, wed P.J. Simeone on November 20, 2010, in South Salem, NY. Jumbos in attendance included, from left: Hillary Dunn, A03; Rachel Dorf Gotler, A03; bride; Liz Grant, A03; and Kimberly Trabka Kilfoyle, A03. The couple resides in New York City.

HUNTER & SNOPKOWSKI Margaret Hunter, E06, wed Dennis Snopkowski, A06, on August 28, 2010, in Toronto, Canada. Jumbos in attendance included Nicole Shapiro, A06, G08; Kimberly Greenspan, A06; David Trigg, E78; Kristen Gilmore, A06; Julia Lang Sutcliffe, A06; Elizabeth Foster, A06; and Vanessa Corlazzoli, F11. The couple resides in Toronto.

JORDAN & MURPHY Christina Jordan, J98, wed Owen Murphy on July 18, 2010, at the Commander’s Mansion in Watertown, MA. Jumbos in at-tendance included, back row, from left: Jerome Lebleu, A99; Nancy Maserejian, J98; Daniel Schwartz, A98; Jared Townshend, A98; groom; bride; Matthew Andrus, A98; Erica Larsen, J98; David Gillespie, E98; and Jaclyn Okin Barney, J99; front row, from left: Lindsay Starr, J98; Joanne Brady, J98; Diane Lee, J99; Cindi McPherson Melanson, J97; Linda Bentley Gillespie, J98; Amanda Donahue Lebleu, J98; and Cindy Schwartz, J98. The couple resides in Watertown, MA.

JU & BYKOWSKI Dominic Y. Ju, A00, F09, wed Dana Bykowski on September 4, 2010, in Washington, DC. Jumbos in attendance included, back row, from left: Michael Feldman, A02; Tim Ayres, E02; Michael McGregor, A02; Jon Japha, A02; Fraser Ireland, A03; Justin Mackey, A00; and Mark Bower, A00; middle row, from left: Victoria Canavor, J99; Gabi Chojkier, J00; Tiffany Frank, A06; Maureen Mahon Japha, A03; Marcellus Rolle, A04; Alex Escobar, A00; and Tom Filippone, A00; front row, from left: Paul Wang, A98; bride; groom; Erin Greenfield, A04; and Pam Cunningham, J99. The couple resides in Washington, DC, where Dana is a political strategist and partner at Hilltop Public Solutions, and Dominic is a strategic advisor and planner at the Department of Defense.

KAYE & SCHAFER Steve Kaye, E00, wed Heidi Schafer on April 24, 2010, in Cambridge, MA. Jumbos in attendance included, back row, from left: Scott Glaberman, A00; Ethan Danahy, E00, G02, G07; David Stelnik, A99; Dan Dawson, A99; Adam Buggia, E06; Pete Loeb, A99, G02; Jack Kovatch, E99; and Foster Corwith, A00; front row, from left: Jamie Bertner Burke, E00; Jason Burke, E99; Ash Weaver, A00; bride; groom; Melissa Cohen Loeb, J00; Jason Kronstat, A00; Ryan Guilmartin, A01, G02; Stefanie Reisfeld Greenberg, J00; and Dan Greenberg, E00. The couple resides in Cambridge, MA.

KELLY & NIERENBERG Kara Kelly, E05, wed David Nierenberg on August 28, 2010, in Larchmont, NY. Jumbos in attendance included, back row, from left: Alison Sauer, A05; Aaron Kaye, A05; Laena Orkin, A05; Michael Hodess, A06; Daniel Black, A05; David Strochlic, A06; bride; groom; Kristin Nierenberg, A05; and Daniel Wolchonok, A05; front row, from left: Lauren Thomas, A05; Sarah Affel, A05; Shimrit Koren Black, A05; and Allison Yale Strochlic, E05. The couple resides in Evanston, IL, where David is pursuing his MBA at the Kellogg School of Management, and Kara is an environmental engineer at the Sullivan International Group in Chicago.

KIELY & MUELLER Megan Kiely, A08, G10, wed Stuart Mueller, E05, on August 8, 2010, at Goddard Chapel, followed by a reception at the Henderson House in Weston. Jumbos in attendance included, front row, from left: Brad Posner, A08; Becca Solomont, A08; Katie Barksdale, A08; Devra Bergman, A08; bride; groom; Tessa LeCuyer, A07; Katie Schaaf, J00; Sarah Fleischmann, A08; and Rachel Selgrade, E08; back row, from left: Steve LeBlanc, E08; David Jones, A05; Eric Mueller, E10; Jonathan Bond, E06; Kate Stewart, A06; KC Claffee, A07; Kathryn Wulster, A08; Victoria Shelus, A08; and Heather Kleinberger, A08.

KLUGHAUPT & MAY Ezra Klughaupt, A03, wed Michaela May on July 4, 2010, at the Lilac Inn in Brandon, VT. Jumbos and friends in attendance included, from left: Chris Papazian, E04; Joseph Price, E00; Matthew Burke, A98; Daniel Zwillenberg, A01; Ben Bien-Khan, A04; groom; bride; Ben Feinberg, A00; Sara Rothenberg, J01; Evan Freedman, A00; Jason Barreto, A01; Chris Herrick, A00; Charles Plachy; Reinaldo Ponce, A01; Seth Itzkan, E83; and Gavin Batchelor, A00. The couple resides in Somerville, MA.

KRESSER & BALCIUNAS Paul Kresser, A04, wed Diane Balciunas on May 1, 2010, in Chicago. Jumbos and friends in attendance included, from left: Ben Eskenazi, A04; John Kresser; Tenley Oldak, A04; Adam Mueller, A04; groom; bride; Nick Baker, E04; Jordan Kivelstadt, E04; and Sarah Hecht, A04. The couple resides in Boston.

LAUB & LODEWICK Rian Laub, A00, M11, wed Sarah Lodewick in October 2010 in Waltham, MA. Jumbos in attendance included, from left: Chris Albert, E01, G09; Tracy Trager, J00; groom; Sean Regan, E00; and Nick Minoglou, E01.

LURY & KOPP Bonnie Lury, A05, wed Nikolas Kopp on July 4, 2010, in Bristol, RI. Jumbos in attendance included, back row, from left: Jonathan Kruesi, A05; Erik B. Kesting, A05; Michael LaFazia, E05; Andrew Beattie, E05; Christina Chappell, A05; and Megan Doughty, A05; front row, from left: Emily Rubinstein, E05; Rebecca LaFazia, A05; bride; groom; Billy Stanford, A05; and Rachel Sliman, A05. The couple resides in Los Angeles.

McMILLAN & SIMMONS Robert McMillan Jr., E69, wed Patricia Simmons on September 25, 2010, at the Hiller Aviation Museum in San Carlos, CA. Jumbos and friends in attendance included, from left: Van Spiros, E69; Carolyn Spiros, J70; bride; groom; Peggy St. Amand; and Paul St. Amand, E69. The couple resides in Pleasanton, CA.

MCNAMARA & LUDWIG Brian McNamara, A05, wed Lindsay Ludwig on October 23, 2010, in Cambridge, MA. Jumbos and friends in attendance included, back row, from left: Matthew Lacey, E06; Christopher Kantos, E08; Nathan Brigham, A05; groom; bride; Emily Pfeil Brigham, A05; Daniel Wolchonok, A05; Kate Makai, A07; and Catherine Beck, A08; front row, from left: Michael Cummings; Michael Don, A05; Peter Bromka, A05; and Aaron Kaye, A05. The couple resides in Cambridge.

RUBENSTEIN & ZILBERMAN Emily Rubinstein, E05, wed Igor Zilberman on January 8, 2011, in Montauk, NY. Jumbos and friends in attendance included, from left: Rebecca Alspector LaFazia, A05; Michael LaFazia, E05; Cheryl (Goldwasser) Rubinstein, E06, G08; Benjamin Rubinstein, A05; bride; groom; Judith Rubinstein, E09; Renee Robinson, A06; and Rachel Sliman, A05. The couple resides in Queens, NY.

SAIPE & DURGAVICH Lara Saipe, A03, wed Matthew Durgavich, E03, on May 29, 2010, at the Rookery in Chicago. Jumbos in attendance included, back row, from left: Emilio Flores, A03; Gladys Magh, E03; Aaron Donovan, A03; Michael Lutz, E03; Jessica (Eckert) Lutz, G07, G09; bride; groom; Ari Weissman, A03; Melissa Frankel, A04; Joshua Saipe, A00; Amy Spindel, A04; and Josh Belkin, A04; front row, from left: Michael Guerin, A02; Rachel Hertz, A03; Tobi Pinsky, A03; Rachael Fein, E03, G09; Randi Wiggins, A03; and Jon Homer, G00. The couple lives in Arlington, MA.

SAUSEN & SEIDMAN Ilana Sausen, E01, wed Eytan Seidman on March 14, 2010, at the Glen Island Harbour Club in New Rochelle, NY. Jumbos in attendance included, from left: Dan Landmann, E01, M05; Erica (Chazin) Laster, J01; Elizabeth Solomont Levy, J79; Elizabeth Safian, J01; Amy Metzger, J01; Seth Blacksburg, A00; and Daniel Paretsky, A99, G00. The couple resides in New York City.

SEIBERT & HANSON Aroline Seibert, J01, wed Eric Hanson on October 11, 2009. Jumbos in attendance included, back row, from left: Ruth Rossi Lyddy, J72; Lee Dusenbury Seibert, J72; Nancy Breslaw Lewis, J72; Arthur Fitzpatrick, E63, E86P, E91P, E93P; Jeffrey Hodess, A01; Talia Cohen, J01; Catherine Chiang, J01; Shivani Rasalingam, J01; and Chris Chen, A00; front row, from left: Amy Metzger, J01; bride; groom; Josh Hefferen, A01; and Dresdyn Weissberger Hefferen, J01.

SESSIONS & GOULET Lauren Sessions, A05, wed Jonathan Goulet, E04, on October 16, 2010, in Bristol, RI. Jumbos in attendance included, back row, from left: James Burke, E04, G06; Davor Zgaljic, A04; Ryan Steeb, E04; Gregory Schmidt, A04; Robert Goldstein, A05, M12, MPH12; Frederick Hartman, A04; groom; David Crawley, A06; Jacqueline (Stone) Crawley, A06; and Heidi Hauenstein, E06; middle row, from left: Thomas Trilla, A04; Kurt Bruch, E04, G06; Christina Bernadotte, A05; Lauren Ungerleider, A05; Alana Van Der Mude, A05; and Ashley Korb, A05; front row, from left: Daniela Fairchild, A06; Emily (Becker) Patten, A05; Kristen (Cunningham) Burke, A06; Katherine Martin, A05; bride; Caitlin Rouse, A05; Katherine Lindy, A05; and Jeffrey Lindy, A01. Not pictured: Ezra Furman, A08. The couple resides in Philadelphia.

SHEA & WAYNE Annie Shea, A05, V11, wed Matthew Wayne, A05, on August 27, 2010, at the New York Botanical Garden. Jumbos in attendance included, back row, from left: Jason Slomovitz, A05, D09; Steven Slomovitz, D12; Miranda Hillyard, V11; Sasha Chanoff, F04, N04; Joel Wertheimer, A05; Claud Marin, A05, D09; Michael Furstman, A06; John Lapidus, A78, D81, A05P, A08P; Troy Borneman, E05; Susan Karelitz, J79; Neal Karelitz, A79; Robert Raphael, A05; and Bryan Swaim, A05, MPH08; middle row, from left: Peter Sambatakos, A05, M11; James O’Connor, E05; Gordon Chou, E05; groom; bride; Nicki Lapidus, A05; Randi Lapidus, J78, A05P, A08P; and Nancy Green, J79; front row, from left: Laurie Monhait, V11; Laleh Sotoodeh, D10; Lauren Thomas, A05; Nikki Vhlakis, E05; Caroline Mauldin, A05; and Stephanie Lapidus, A08.

SINGER & ZELLER John D. Singer, A89, wed Jennifer Zeller on December 21, 2010. John provides legal commentary on CNBC on Wall Street employment issues, and Jennifer is a vice president at Interscope Geffen Records, where she is the head of video promotion. The couple resides in New York City.

STEWART & O’BRIEN Jolene Stewart, A02, wed David O’Brien on June 5, 2010, at Belle Mer in Newport, RI. Jumbos in attendance included, from left: Ashley Cecire Spinelli, E02; Nicholas Spinelli, A01, M05; Bonnie Lai Watson, A02; Kenneth Fan, E01; Monica (Walker) Gregoire, J01; Wendy Tang Fong, A02; Nicole Monnell, J01; Leslie Kung-Tran, J01; Marie Fojas Nye, E02P; bride; groom; Kris Helenek, A99, E99; Abby (Povich) Weinstein, A02; and LaKeisha (Ruley) Garcia, J01. The couple lives in Medford, MA.

TORPEY & FAVINGER Jennifer Torpey, A07, wed Woody Favinger on August 14, 2010, in Bellingham, WA. Jumbos in attendance included: Samantha Moland, A07, MPH08; Maggie Clary, A07; Caroline Chow, A07; Kate Makai, A07; Sarah Crispin, A07; and Angie Lee, A07, MPH10. The couple lives in Boston. The bride attends Harvard Medical School, and the groom works for Partners Healthcare.

WILLEY & TREACY Mike Willey, E02, wed Kerry Treacy on March 20, 2010. Jumbos and friends in attendance included, from left: Howie Rock, A02; former Tufts football coach Bill Samko, G81, A05P, A08P; Jim Higgins, A02; Chris Mellen, A02; John Karras, E02; John Ronan, A02; Scott Treacy, A03; Mike LaChapelle, A02; Scott Mittenthal, A02; Shane Waldron, A02; Brian Neville, A02; Steve Lapham, A02; Coach Mike Browne; and Adam Lukowski, A03. Not pictured: Todd Brown, E03, and Andy Dickerson, A03, G05.

YALE & STROCHLIC Allison Yale, E05, wed David Strochlic, A06, on May 30, 2010, in Fairfield, CT. Jumbos and friends in attendance included, back row, from left: Mark Pellegrini, E08, G09; Kristin Nierenberg, A05; Dan Wolchonok, A05; Emily Macy, A05; Carie Fowler, A05; Ali Sauer, A05; E.J. Kalarski, A06; Steven Ross, A06; Chadwick Matlin, A07; and Andrea Steinberg, A06; middle row, from left: Jonathan Kendler, A03; Michael Wiklund, E79, G84; Maya Jackson, E08; Leah Friedberg, E02; Lauren Thomas, A05; Laena Orkin, A05; Sarah Affel, A05; Emily Cappetta Cooperman, A03; Emily Bender, A05; bride; groom; Shimrit Koren Black, A05; Kara Kelly, E05; Shanti Sattler, A07; Susannah Hamblin, A07; and Jon Tilliss, E07; front row, from left: John Tumolo, A05; Mike Hodess, E06; Daniel Sauerstrom, A06; Brian Cooperman, A05; Neil Hirsch, A05; Max Felker-Kantor, A06; and Daniel Black, A05. Not pictured: Eric Warren, A06.

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