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Garden of Verses

Over the past year, Fletcher School students have spawned a new tradition: the thesis as haiku. Here’s a sampling:

Women in Hamas
Sometimes, they blow themselves up.
Sometimes, they don’t. Why?
—Kirstin Ellison, F10
(“Hamas’ Use of Female Suicide Bombers: A Case Study in Militant Groups Reinterpreting Women’s Roles in Jihad”)

Somali pirates
Are people too. Yet, a threat.
—Jamie Lynn De Coster, F10
(“Profiling Pirates: Exploring Somali Piracy in the Context of a Collapsed State”)

Balkans were broken
Quick! Get them in the EU
Or maybe, not quick
—Kent Fogg, F10
(“The Accession of the Western Balkans to the European Union: The Conditionality of Sub-Regionalism”)

Give women credit
Then teach them to make ice cream
Does this really work?
—Courtney Kemps, F10
(“More Than Just Credit: A Case Study of Vocational Training Workshops Offered by a Microfinance Institution in Peru”)

Mex Car Industry
You are screwed. Can you learn?
Probably not. Ugh.
—Viviana Rivas, F11
(“The Stagnant Mexican Automotive Industry: Drawing Lessons from Other Automotive Industries”)

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