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It was a blockbuster year for Tufts and the world—and not just because of the British Invasion and plunging necklines. The Experimental College offered is first mind-expanding courses. In Washington, the Civil Rights Act advanced the dream of racial equality. The soon-to-be-legendary Sol Gittleman first set foot on campus as an assistant professor of German. Across the pond, a young soccer fan—Jonathan Wilson, the future novelist and Tufts English professor—wrestled with anti-Semitism and his father’s decline. And on College Avenue, the Eliot-Pearson Department of Child Study and Human Development was born.

The Bodies in Singing River

“The grave digger drove west on Interstate 10 through a chilly December drizzle. He slowed, peering at a figure laboring along the roadside. He wasn’t the only one to spot her. CB radio channels were abuzz that night with reports of a woman carrying what looked like a barefoot, coatless toddler in her arms, walking near the truck scales at the Alabama-Mississippi line.” by Deborah Halber, G96

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