The Lord's Song in a Strange Land: Music and Identity in Contemporary Jewish Worship
Jeffrey A. Summit, Rabbi and Director of the Hillel Foundation
Oxford University Press

Combining oral history with an analysis of recordings, Jeffrey A. Summit, the Rabbi and director of the Hillel Foundation at Tufts, examines the music in contemporary Jewish worship and explores its diverse links with spiritual and cultural identities. Focusing on metropolitan Boston, the book covers the full range of Jewish communities, from Hasidim to Jewish college students in a transdenominational setting. Summit documents a remarkably fluid musical tradition, where melodies are often shared, where sources can be as varied as Sufi chant, Christmas carols, rock and roll, and Israeli popular music, and where the meaning of a song can change from one block to the next. The first volume in Oxford’s new American Musicspheres series, the book features a CD of field recordings for many of the songs discussed.


The Day Paper: The Story of One of America's Last Independent Newspapers
Gregory Stone, A65
The Day Publishing Company

Gregory Stone, the deputy editorial page editor at The Day newspaper in New London, Connecticut, chronicles the survival of the 120 year old paper. In an ear in which media giants control the flow of information, this book illuminates the inner workings and unappreciated importance of America's small, locally operated newspapers and the visionary contribution of the publisher who ensured its perpetuation.

Best Practices in Global Investor Relations: The Creation of Shareholder Value
Richard Higgins, A56
Greenwood Publishing Group

Richard Higgins, the founder and managing director of Stratcom Associates, a management consulting firm, and contributing authors provide a broad set of perspectives and best practices in global investor relations. They examine the fundamentals of investor relations from a theoretical and practice perspective, exploring individual company strategies and challenges for investor relations in unique and meaningful situations.

Eleven Stories High: Growing Up in Stuyvesant Town, 1948-1968
Corinne Demas, J68
State University of New York Press

A professor of English at Mt. Holyoke College, Corinne Demas provides a glimpse of a lost, idyllic time in New York City history, in a place that survives remarkably intact-Stuyvesant Town. Organized by subject, rather than chronology, the book examines aspects of Demas' middle class life from the time she was a toddler through her teenage years at an all-girls high school.

Anxious Child: How Parents and Teachers Can Relieve Anxiety in Children
John S. Dacey and Lisa B. Fiore, G94

Lisa B.Fiore and her co-authors present a program called COPE (means?) to deal effectively with anxious behavior in children when it starts. A multistep approach to complicated mental health issues, the book provides information simply, breaking it down into smaller steps and specific actions. Real-life stories are included to provide context.

Narcissism, the Family, and Madness: A Self-Psychological Study of Eugene O'Neill and His Plays
Maria T. Miliora
Peter Lang Publishing

Maria T. Miliora, a professor of chemistry and lecturer in psychology at Suffolk University, applies the constructs of psychoanalytic self psychology, with a focus on narcissistic fantasies, to the life and works of Eugene O'Neill. The book addresses the important contemporary issues of dysfunctional families, violence, madness, and addictions and shows how these themes derive from O'Neill's experiences growing up in an addicted family.

Tragic Wand
James Tucker, E74

James Tucker, a pediatrician in Pittsburgh, has written another medical thriller in which surgeon Jack Merlin and his companion, Assistant D.A.Tory Welch team up again, this time to go after a nefarious ring of criminals. They enter the world of plastic surgery and where someone's face might not be their own. Previous novels featuring these characters are Abra Cadaver and Hocus Corpus.

Madam Chairman
Len Cohen, A57
Xlibris Corp.

In his first novel, Len Cohen gives us a political suspense thriller in which a powerful woman battles against the opposition party and the entrenched old-boy network within her own party. Neo-Nazis, led by a madman, add to the presence of evil in the book.

Extraordinary Women of the Medieval Renaissance World: A Biographical Dictionary
Carole Levin, G72, PhD 76, et al.
Greenwood Publishing Group

Carole Levin, a professor of history at the University of Nebraska, and other writers bring together biographical profiles of 70 women from the medieval and Renaissance world. Most of them are "unsung," but all are noted for their courage, initiative and accomplishments in a world where the conventional wisdom was for women to be "chaste, silent and obedient." Catherine of Siena, Christina of Denmark, Melisende-Queen of Jerusalem and Ono no Komachi are just some of the women profiled.


Bewitched Playground
David Rivard
Graywolf Press

Poet David Rivard, lecturer in the Department of English, brings us a volume of poems that discuss new unpredictable terrorities including fatherhood and domesticity, places that Rovard's wit and imagination infuse with humor, tenderness and brimming complexity.

Foreign Attachments: The Power of Ethnic Groups in the Making of American Foreign Policy
Tony Smith
Harvard University Press

Tony Smith, Cornelia M. Jackson Professor of Political Science, addresses the ongoing tug-of-war between ethnic group interests and America's best interests. He asserts that ethnic groups play a larger role in the making of U.S. foreign policy than is widely recognized and that the negative consequences of this involvement may well outweigh the benefits this activism may, at times, confer on America in world affairs.

A Circle Around Her
Jonathan Strong
Zoland Books

Jonathan Strong, lecturer in the Department of English, brings us, in his eighth novel, the story of Mary Lanagan, a woman poised between the summer and the autumn of her life. Approaching 50, her children grown and moved away, Mary must create a new life for herself.







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