Voices of Tufts

Warm congratulations to the editors, writers, photographers, art director and Alumni Director Tim Brooks. This "new" Tufts Magazine is impressive in content and design, and worthy of our great University family. Intending to whip through this striking first issue, I was quickly arrested by Editor-in-Chief Laura Ferguson's "About This Issue" letter. In her guided tour of Tufts alumni publications past, we find cited a number of alum letter-writers and extended quotes from Marjorie Gott, J40, editor of The Bulletin during the early WWII years. Marj's father, English Professor Charles Gott, A12, and my father, William W. Rose, A12, were classmates and frequent contributors to the campus literary magazines of their time. Marj married Ralph Manning, E41, a future professor in the Engineering School, making their home in Winchester, Massachusetts. She and I have been friends since early childhood, owing to the lifelong friendship of our families. In recent months, Marj has suffered gravely declining health. Your citation of her positive vision for the magazines-to-be at Tufts was especially meaningful to her and her family, her many friends, and classmates who are still with us. May the Tufts Magazine indeed "continue to be a home for the voices of Tufts' many graduates."

David D. Rose, A37, F38
Redmond, WA

DiBiaggio Leadership Praised

I would like to commend the magazine for the excellent article in the fall issue that profiled President John DiBiaggio and his numerous accomplishments during his tenure at Tufts. Under his leadership, Tufts University has been acclaimed nationally and internationally. We should feel proud and fortunate that he has been a great leader and primarily responsible for the introduction, expansion and development of many new chairs, academic programs, buildup structures, campus beautification and more. Faculty, staff, students and alumni will always remember his accessibility and magnetic personality.

John Baronian, A50, H97
Medford, MA


Grammar Lesson

I have just read the fall issue of Tufts Magazine and found it very interesting. I enjoyed reading the history of the magazine in "What's in a Name?" However, one thing did slip through the cracks or was considered acceptable. On page 34, the heading "Who to Call for What" is far from proper in a university publication. I would think that quite a few of your 70,000 readers would wince at this grammatical error. It is, indeed, beyond casual. Since this is your first issue, I do hope in future issues, you will change the heading to "Whom" or change the wording altogether should you think that stuffy. Keep up the good work.

Pauline Robinson Noble, J47
Reston, VA







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