e-news Want to keep up with Tufts in the media? The University's Office of Public Relations provides daily updates about Tufts in the news on e-news at The site features articles from international news sources on Tufts research, faculty and alumni achievements, and more. Free subscriptions are available by visiting the site. Leave it to Tufts undergraduates to bring some ideas to the Web about life at Tufts. A new non-profit, student-operated organization, aims to serve the Tufts community by providing easy, centralized access to the vast resources Tufts and the Internet have to offer.The centerpiece is an Internet portal site that co-founder Mike Masterman, A03, says "fills a largely overlooked niche" by providing a centralized site where users can easily access all the information distributed on Tufts'many websites and provide links to external sites frequented by students. Visitors will find links to all major Tufts web sites, campus announcements and notices, a campus calendar, dining menus, email resources, world and national news, and more. "Our feedback to this point has been nothing but positive," says Masterman, who adds that about 19 students now volunteer their services to keeping the site current and lively. "It provides the best of both worlds: information specifically tailored for the Tufts community as well as access to many popular sites on the Internet."








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