Tufts Alumni

That Jumbo Spirit

Homecoming royality, Johanna Newmann, J01, and Alessandro Terenzoni, A01.

Homecoming. A time when Jumbos of all ages and affiliations, from the experienced alum to the wide-eyed future Tufts student, come together in a celebration of Tufts.

Early that week the skies threatened to drown out the festivities. Yet as Thursday dawned to kick off the weekend with the student pep rally, the skies began to clear and we were greeted with one of those rare warm autumnal New England weekends.

We flipped hundreds of burgers and hot dogs for the celebrants to enjoy. We danced, we sang, we mingled, we laughed, we cried, and we yelled our hearts out at the games.

We wrote our numbers and emails down for each other with pens from the Alumni Association, made promises to stay in better touch and to get together next year. When Sunday came around we said our good-byes and headed back to our far, and not so far, flung corners of the world, renewed in our friendships, and our visit to the Hill.

Some of us sported newly purchased Tufts-wear to show off our pride. Many of us were inspired to take the message of being a Jumbo back to our world, ready to go for another year. We had been given the chance and we took it-we had come home.

J.J. Kwashnak, A88
Member, Homecoming Committee







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