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Winter 2005

john bello, A68, the founder of SoBe beverages, has introduced the Firefighter Brand, a new line of firefighter-themed foods. Among the products offered are potato chips, soda, and bottled water dubbed Hydrant Water. The soft drinks sport names like “Incendiary Citrus” and “Courageous Cola.” Bello has promised 25 percent of Firefighter Brand’s net profit will be donated to firefighter-related charities. Plans are under way to take the brand nationwide within the year.

niels mueller, A83, screened his film The Assassination of Richard Nixon at the Cannes and Toronto film festivals. The film, written and directed by Mueller, is set in 1974 and tells the true story of a man who attempts to fly an airplane into the White House after being turned down for a small-business loan. Sean Penn plays the lead. Mueller recently co-wrote the screenplay 13 Going on 30.

In a closely watched race, carl sciortino, A00, unseated incumbent Vincent Ciampa for a seat as a Massachusetts state representative. The first-time politician won by 117 votes to represent neighborhoods of Medford and Somerville in Massachusetts’ 34th Middlesex District. Sciortino, who is openly gay, received national attention for his support of gay marriage in Massachusetts; his opponent was in support of a bill to ban it.

Other Tufts graduates who won seats in the November election were:

Democrat Phil Bartlett, A98, elected to the Maine State Senate.
Republican Jeb Bradley, A74, of New Hampshire, reelected to the U.S. House of Representatives.
Republican Scott Brown, A81, returned to the Massachusetts State Senate.
Democrat Peter DeFazio, A69, of Oregon, reelected to the U.S. House of Representatives.
Democrat Michael Festa, A76, reelected a Massachusetts state representative for the 32nd Middlesex District.
Democrat Frank Hornstein, A85, elected a Minnesota state representative.
Democrat Cynthia McKinney, F79, of Georgia, regained the seat she had lost in 2002 in the U.S. House of Representatives.
Democrat Frank Pallone Jr., F74, of New Jersey, releected to the U.S. House of Representatives.

wendie stabler, J80, was named by Delaware Today as a “Power Attorney” in their annual issue honoring 75 attorneys. Stabler was chosen for her work in zoning/land use law. She is a partner in the Wilmington, Delaware, office of Saul Ewing, LLP.

dr. lisa thebner, J92, appeared on an episode of 60 Minutes II in October. The Manhattan pediatrician was interviewed for a story on parents who choose not to vaccinate their children.