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  Summer 2004
Cover Story
Shared Vision
For Dean Linda Abriola, a different kind of engineering school builds on new collaborations.
The Accidental President
Nothing in the previous 124 years of Tufts history could have prepared the university for the coming of Jean Mayer.
Honey & Fire
She’s soft-spoken and demure. But in her roles as a pediatrician, minister, and anti-slavery activist, Gloria White-Hammond, M76, doesn’t know how to quit.
Upfront Stories   Sports
  A Pioneering Venture
New center to focus on tissue engineering
  Clinton: Rekindle the Peace Process
Senator Clinton delivers the annual Issam M. Fares Lecture
  Elements of Space
Master plan identifies campus characteristics
  Tufts Partners with Mexico
Encouraging graduate student exchange
  Cleaning Up the Energy Act
ECO promotes the cause of clean energy

Field Hockey Fever
Tufts celebrates a successful season after a new coach and a new playing field help drive a new beginning


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