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Photo: Jodi Hilton

The Issue

Where the Fall Went

Astute readers will have noticed that the current issue of Tufts Magazine is called Winter 2009, even though your last issue was Summer 2008. What happened to Fall? In a word, the economy. As a belt-tightening measure, we plan to publish just three issues in the coming year instead of the usual four. We want to present the illusion that we are slightly ahead of the earth’s orbit, instead of behind it, so we begin our new publishing cycle by advancing to Winter. Your next issue—which we postpone only with the greatest hesitancy, knowing that many readers compare the arrival of a new Tufts Magazine to the thrill of a first kiss—will be Spring 2009, due out in early May. Another issue, to be designated Fall 2009, will follow in early September. By then, the economy will be booming again, your retirement account will be flush, and we will be back on a quarterly schedule. Touch wood.

Since this issue has to last you awhile, we’ve added three new items to occupy your mind. Here they are in order of appearance:

I.M.H.O. That’s the Internet shorthand for “in my humble opinion.” Members of the Tufts community have a way of making themselves heard—on TV and radio, in newspapers and magazines, and in the blogosphere. (It must be all that “active citizenship” you’ve been hearing about.) In this department, we’ll present excerpts from memorable op-ed pieces, blog posts, and other media commentary, humble or otherwise. “Jumbotron,” the celebrity news log that “I.M.H.O.” replaces, will reappear from time to time.

Progress Report. Here we’ll keep you abreast of major developments on campus and in the alumni community. One section of this department is the familiar “Laurels” list, where we note individuals’ major awards and achievements. But we’re adding news of important events, programs, and policies. In this issue we update you on major construction on the three Tufts campuses.

Take It from Me. This is our favorite new addition, because it means we get to hear from you. What are you an expert on? What do you know that might make life just a little bit better for other people if they knew it too? We want to share your life-enhancing tips on practically any type of endeavor: making the perfect omelet, sinking a putt, handling disappointment, buying a used car, starting a nonprofit, attracting a mate, selecting a lawyer, taking good kid photos—whatever you happen to know a lot about and can sum up in 150 to 500 words. Send your “Take It from Me” contributions to tuftsmagazine@tufts.edu or Tufts Magazine, 80 George Street, Medford, MA 02155. We’ll publish several submissions in each issue. If we run yours, you’ll receive $50.

We’ll see you again in sunnier times. Until then, as Dan Rather used to say: Courage.

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