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CIVIC ENGAGEMENT The Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement (CIRCLE) has moved to Tufts and joined with the Tisch College to study the political behavior of young people. Robert M. Hollister, dean of Tisch College, calls CIRCLE “a perfect fit with Tufts’ strategic emphasis on active citizenship.” full story

PIERCING DANGERS The risks of oral piercing include life-threatening infections and blood-borne illnesses, says dentistry professor Paul J. Vankevich. full story

HIGH-TECH NOSE An artificial nose developed by the Tufts neuroscientists John Kauer and Joel White uses DNA to detect odors. Possible applications run the gamut from medical to defense. full story

MASS DISLOCATION Many countries use threats of population movements to achieve their goals, says Tufts political scientist Kelly Greenhill, who has identified more than 50 cases of the practice since 1951. full story

SUPER IMAGING Technology developed by Tufts engineering professor Karen Panetta could help both security and medicine. It would allow airport screeners, for example, to not only see the outline of an object in a suitcase, but discern what it’s made of. full story

RESCUING RAPTORS A common household rodent poison can kill birds of prey, but a new treatment developed by Tufts wildlife veterinarians can save many of those birds. full story

CHEAPER SOLAR Photovoltaic panels containing quantum dots—tiny structures that enhance light absorption—are among the technologies Tufts engineer Thomas Vandervelde is investigating to reduce solar electricity costs. full story

HEALTHIER EYES Lutein and zeaxanthin, pigments found in leafy green vegetables, can forestall vision loss by delaying aged-related macular degeneration, say Tufts nutrition researchers. full story

BE SMART Tufts researchers have linked deficiency of three B vitamins with cognitive impairment, providing new insight into age-related cognitive decline. full story

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