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Your Celebration Photos

Now you can share your special day with classmates, friends, and family. The wedding photos on this site are high resolution so they can be displayed in a larger format, downloaded, or printed out on photo paper. We hope you enjoy this enhancement of the Tufts Magazine Online website.

We strongly encourage couples to have their professional photographer take the photograph they submit to Tufts Magazine to ensure high-quality reproduction in print. Photos submitted electronically must be at least 1024x680 pixels to be printed. Please email your information to kaleigh.fitzpatrick@tufts.edu.

ALGER & FORRESTER Justine Alger, A02, wed William Forrester on June 13, 2009, in Bel Air, MD. Jumbos in attendance included Jennifer Fong, A02; Melissa (Redl) Stobb, A02; and Sarah (Kimball) Webb, A05. The couple resides in Baltimore, MD.

BANDURA & MOERLEIN Dorothy Bandura, A07, wed Alex Moerlein, E05, in a civil court ceremony on October 10, 2008, with a big white celebration on August 8, 2009, in Reading, PA. Jumbos in attendance included, front row, from left: Bryce Petruccelli, A05; Hailey Fitzgerald, A08; Jason Steinman, A05; Beth Bauer, A07; groom and bride; back row, from left: Adam Koeppel, E05; Jessica Bernard, A07; Divya Chungi, A07; Megan Ault, A07; Daniel Katz, A07; Rachel Greenspan, A06; Jon Kluge, E05; and Sarah Shea, A06. The couple resides in Bryn Mawr, PA.

BEASLEY & WOJICK Leah Beasley, J00, wed Joshua Wojick on August 22, 2009, in Lewiston, NY. The couple resides in Northville, MI. Leah is pursuing her Ph.D. and is president and founder of her college consulting business. Joshua is a glassblower at Henry Ford Village and also owns a glassblowing company.

BEBCHICK & MCEWEN Ilana Bebchick, A92, wed Currier McEwen on July 26, 2008, in Freeport, Maine. Jumbos and friends in attendance included, from left: Mary Chmura; Wayne Hioe, A92; bride; groom; Patrick Earle, E92; Laurie Davidson, J93; Amy Chambless, J92; and Daniele Levine, J92. The couple resides in Kirkland, WA, where Ilana is an assistant principal at an elementary school, and Currier works at Microsoft.

BERNSTEIN & FRIEDMAN Emily Bernstein, A03, wed Todd Friedman on September 6, 2009, in Brooklyn, NY. The couple resides in Jerusalem, Israel.

BOSAK & REYNOLDS Lindsey Bosak, A04, wed Keith Reynolds on June 28, 2008, at St. Joseph’s Church in Medford, MA. Jumbos in attendance included, back row, from left: Robert Aaron, A02; Phil Sarges, A04; Lisa (Sahagian) Aaron, A04; Stacey Kokaram, A04; Arielle Jacobs, A05; Laura DePalma, A05; Rachel Taylor, A05; Dani Holmes, A04; Tom Dionne, A03; Jaclyn Matarazzo, A04; Julia Buck, A04; and Anna Brennan-Curry, A04; front row, from left: Nicole Bourgoin, A04; Jennifer Lash, A05; bride; groom; and Omar Haynes, A04. The couple resides in Stoneham, MA.

DESAI & PATEL Avana Desai, A03, wed Palak Patel on September 6, 2008, at the Westin Governor Morris in Morristown, NJ. Jumbos in attendance included: Radhika Thakkar, A03; Roshni Patel, A01; Raji Iyer Margolin, A03; Josh Margolin, A01; Sapna Shah, A03; Anish Patel, A01; Rajeev Patel, A03; Swati Mehta, A03; Gati Dharani, E04; Vanee Siva, A03; Kruti Dharia Patel, A03; and Anjana Srivastava, A03. The couple resides in Hoboken, NJ.

EDNALINO & ROTHMAN Christina Ednalino, J01, wed Matthew Rothman on July 11, 2009, at the United Nations in New York City. Jumbos in attendance included, front row, from left: Josh Hefferen, A01; Dresdyn (Weissberger) Hefferen, J01; Meena Nankani, J01; groom; bride; Caren (Elfenbein) Weintraub, J01; and Jillian (Roth) Dolin, J01; back row, from left: Alissa Hike Harris, J01; Allison (Pulito) Lubert, J01; Leah (Mendelsohn) Stone, J01; Sejal Parekh, J01; Aye Soe, J01; Ryan Murray A01; and Sharmila (Mohanraj) Murray, J01. The couple resides in Brooklyn, NY.

FELDMAN & WEXLER Hillary Feldman, A99, wed Joshua Wexler on June 14, 2008 at the Radisson at Lackawanna Station in Scranton, PA. The couple resides outside of Philadelphia.

FIFE & SCHUSTER Kathryn Fife, J98, wed Paul Schuster on November 1, 2008, in Kennebunk, Maine. Jumbos in attendance included: Andrew Corbett, A98; Ellen Gray Wasson, J98, N03; Beth Birnbaum Hartell, J98, N00; David Garrett, A98; Megan Upham, J98; Sanjay Madan, E98; Jason Cianchette, E98; Carrie Bergner Cianchette, J99; Julie Choe, J98; Andrea Traviglia, E98; and Sneha Patel Scully, J98. The couple resides in Maryland.

FRIED & FOGLEMAN Sandra Fried, J01, wed Michael Fogleman on July 18, 2009, in Jericho, NY. Jumbos in attendance included, from left: Adrian Wilairat, A01; Cyril Thomas, A02; Meghan McElheny, J01; Amy (Swift) Colvin, J01; Evan Wecksell, A01; Anna Wong, J01; bride; groom; Rob Bellinger, A03; Allison Chapman, J01; Mara (Liss) Prybelski, J01; and Dan Lewis, A00. The couple resides in Cary, NC.

FRYE & YUAN-VOGEL Laura Frye, A05, wed Noah Yuan-Vogel, E05, on July 25, 2009, in Boston. Jumbos in attendance included, front row, from left: Dave LaPorte, A05, and Sajid Pothiawala, A05; second row, from left: Lily Chou, A05; Shaharris Beh, A05; Arielle Jacobs, A05; Anny Kim, A05; groom; bride; Supna Oberoi, A05; Elisa Kantor, A05; Sarah Freeman, E05; and Matan Chorev, A05; third row, from left: Hosea Hirata, professor of Japanese; Richard Vogel, professor of civil and environmental engineering; TJ McKenzie, A10; Brett Weiner, A05; Mark Evitt, A05; Meaghan Oberoi, A09; Ryohei Okamoto, A04; Yoko Kawashima, A05; and Glenn Friedman, A05; back row, from left: George Rausch, A05; Elliot Hirshon, A05; and Paul Nangeroni, E05. The couple lives in Manhattan.

GELLER & KAWEBLUM Beth Geller, J91, wed Marc Kaweblum on March 30, 2008, at the New York Marriott at Brooklyn Bridge. Jumbos in attendance included: Anna George, J91; Kelley Alessi Hippler, J90; Denise Drower Swidey, J90; Neil Swidey, A91; Lauren Keefe, J93; Alberta Sensale Chirico, J91; Jen Chabot, J91; Erica Larson Powers, J91; Larry Azer, A93; Ruth Sacks Marlin, J85; Charlie Marlin, E90; Julie Cornell J93; and Eric Sacks, A89. The couple lives in Nanuet, NY.

GELLER & MICHAELOFF Russell S. Geller, A88, wed Allyson Michaeloff on May 31, 2009, in New Rochelle, NY. Jumbos in attendance included: Scott Frank, A88; Robert Muchnick, A88; Evan Goldfischer, A88; and Rachel Bashner, J88. The couple resides in Bronxville, NY.

GOLDBERG & COLE Marissa Goldberg, A04, wed Kevin Cole on August 31, 2008, at the Four Seasons Hotel in Boston. Jumbos in attendance included, front row, from left: groom; bride; Elliot Miller, E04, E06; Elizabeth (Candee) Miller, A04; Laura (Israel) Sinrod, A04; Lauren Amira, A04; Stephanie Friedland, A04; Diana Fischmann, A03; and Joanna Rom, Tufts-in-London, 1972–73; back row, from left: Rachel (Kopiec) Albert, J97; Brian Gravel, E01, E04; Molly Frank-Meltzer, J00; Stuart Rice, A75; Theodore Ross, A69; Daniel Sinrod, A03; and Ryan Loughlin, A04. The couple resides in Boston.

GOLDMAN & BLENNER Tami Goldman, A98, wed Jonathan Blenner, A99, on August 31, 2008, at the Ojai Valley Inn in Ojai, CA. Jumbos in attendance included, back row, from left: Chad Perbeck, A99; Shana Bawek, J98; Ryan Berschneider, A99; Rob Shalhoub, A00; Evan Prager, A93; and Gregory Binstock, A03; third row, from left: Seth Cohen, A99; Phil Saferstein, A99; Matt Lasko, A99; bride; groom; Alan Leavitt, A99; Dave McLean-Armour, A99; and Brian Palacios, E99; second row, from left: Jill Cohen, J99, and Emily Lasko, J98; front row, from left: Hillary Bassett Pereira, J99, M06; Camilo Pereira, A97; Tal Rabinowitz, J98; and Meredith Soren Freese, J98. The couple resides in Los Angeles.

GRZESIUK & SHEEHAN Kate Grzesiuk, A03, wed Conor Sheehan, E03, on June 20, 2009, in Connecticut. Father David O’Leary, the university chaplain, presided. Jumbos in attendance included, front row, from left: Beth (Steinberg) Dainoff, A03; Susan Swerdlick, A04; Dan Aaronson, A02; Aditi Chawla, A03; groom; bride; Julia (Nestor) Wolf, A03; Jenny (Rheingrover) Edson, A03; Gina (Carioggia) Szigety, J00; and Kayvan Parvin, A03; middle row, from left: Brandon Dickason, A03; Liz Monnin-Browder, A03; Mary Moran Perry, G82; Ines (Abad-Manterola) Riera, A03; Jen (Jalalon) Machida, A03; Rebecca Kahn, A03; Lisa Kane, A03; Ed Edson, A03; and Jonathan Chines, A99; back row, from left: Michael Silver, A03; Will Monnin-Browder, A02; Nathan Machida, A03; Harris Dainoff, A02; Chris Martin, E03; Mike Friedberg, A03; and Trevor Harris, A02. The couple resides in Arlington, MA.

HEYCK-MERLIN & LEVNER Maia Heyck-Merlin, J99, wed Jack Levner, A00, on July 5, 2008, in Maine. Jumbos in attendance included, front row, from left: Seth Cohen, A00, and Jesse Lainer-Vos, J99; back row, from left: Anne Lac, J99; Ryan Bouley, A99; Luke Meixner, A00; groom; bride; Jalana Lazar, J99; Mini Mahata, J99; Brett Hall, A99; Pete Sanborn, A99; and Yukiyo Iida, J99. Not pictured: Brendan Scanlon, A99. The couple resides in Brooklyn, NY.

HORVITZ & ZATZ Jessica Horvitz, E06, wed Andrew Zatz, A04, on April 25, 2009, at the Biltmore Hotel in Providence, RI. Jumbos and friends in attendance included, back row, from left: Jason Bauer, A06; William Lane, E03; Daniel Lang, A03; Nishant Mehta, A04; Jonathan Kluge, E05; Sarah Shea, A06; Todd Leventhal, M92; Matthew Horvitz, A01; and Tait Neilson, E06; front row, from left: Tiana Pastore; Connie Petruzziello, A03; Jane Beshore, A06; Heather (Fishberg) Kobos, A06; Veronica Garcia, A06; bride; groom; Amy DeLuca, A06; Megan Rees, A06; and Courtney Skay, E06. The couple resides in New York City.

JUDD & YOUNG Mara Judd, A06, wed Mark Young on June 28, 2009, at Temple Emanu-El in Westfield, NJ. Jumbos in attendance included, from left: Adam Wollstein, A08; Amy Spitalnick, A08; Anastasia Marshak, A06; Chadwick Matlin, A07; Emily Cooper, A06; Marc Katz, A06; and Neil Hirsch, A05.

KAUFMAN & SOKOLOW Seth Kaufman, E02, wed Elena Sokolow on November 9, 2008, in West Orange, NJ. Jumbos and friends in attendance included: Rob Lott, A02; Rob Bellinger, A03; James Watriss, A03; Lisa Heyison, J82; Diane Kaufman, J81; Charles Mills, M79; David Crane, E01, E06; Phil Erner, A02; Marc Percher, E01; Crystal (Hill) Huff; Helen Lewis, G07; Rachel Mansfield, G06; and Beverly Greenwold, J73. The couple lives in Arlington, MA.

KITTILSEN & SPRAY Loren Kittilsen, J01, married Judd Spray on March 21, 2009, in New York City, where the couple now resides. Jumbos in attendance included, from left: Stephanie Neufeld, J01; Anastasia Kousakis, J01; and Ann Maurer, A02.

KOZLOW & SICKLES Ken Kozlow, A03, wed Gwenn Sickles on August 15, 2008, in Detroit. Jumbos in attendance included: Susan Swerdlick, A04; Brandon Dickason, A04; Jason Webber, A03; Glenn Tyson, A03; Geoff Knight, E04; Kate Marshall, E03; Sean Coletta, A03; Isaac Dole, A03; and Terrance Madden, A05. The couple resides in Kalamazoo, MI.

LEVENBERG & SHULDINER Keith Levenberg, A99, wed Tamar Shuldiner on December 14, 2008, in Pittsburgh, PA. Jumbos in attendance included, back row, from left: Steven Seltzer, A96; Colin Kingsbury, A98; Myah Evers Schwartz, J99; and Steve Schwartz, A98; middle row, from left: Carolyn Silver, J95, and Jessica Schupak, J98; front row: the groom and bride. The couple resides in New York City.

LYMAN & KALOGERAKIS Sarah Lyman, A02, wed Andrew Kalogerakis on November 23, 2008, at Saint Mark of Ephesus Orthodox Cathedral in Roslindale, MA. Jumbos in attendance included, back row, from left: Scott Taylor, E02; Jon Smith, A02; Mike Beaser, A02; Andrea Beaser, A02; Paula Romero, A02; and Nate Sznyzer-Taub, A02; middle row, from left: Guy Del Vecchio, E02; Ann Taylor, J01; Neil Taylor, A02; David Stein, A02; Ilenna Elman, A06; and Neal McMahon, A02; front row, from left: Katie Taylor, A02; Khoa Tran, A02; Jessie Tran, A02; and the bride and groom. The couple lives in Jamaica Plain, MA.

MACLELLAN & SMITH Jessica MacLellan, J98, M01, wed Daniel Smith, A98, on August 16, 2008, at Daniel’s family’s residence in Woodstock, VT. Jumbos in attendance included, back row, from left: Josh Fox, A98; Kate Soble Schaper, J97; Mike Schaper, A98; Mike Grassi, A99; Jon Mugar, A98; Matt Lyman, E95; Mike Murphy, A98; Kathleen Martin, A07; Geoffrey Kramer, A09; and Kyle Donnelly, M00; third row, from left: Scott Mulvaney, A98; Chris Pape, A99; Sharon Kams Shaff, J98; Kevin Riordan, A98; and Samantha Padden, M09; second row, from left: Amy Polverini Flack, J01; Callie Smith, A03; bride; Kate Mathey Donnelly, E98, M00; Megan Coneys Fahey, J97; Natalie Soule Martinez, E97; Jennifer Martin Tramontana, E99; Carol Speredelozzi Symmons, E98; and Anna Johnson, J98; front row, from left: Mike Seidler, E98; groom; Joel Glassman, A98; John Flack, A99; and Brian Symmons, A98. The couple lives in Charlestown, MA.

MOAR & MACDOUGALL Karyn Moar, A03, wed Chris MacDougall on August 29, 2009, at Turner Hill in Ipswich, MA. Jumbos in attendance included, front row, from left: Lora Ernst, A03, and Tim Havern, A03; back row, from left: Dan Mahoney, A01; Mike Carceo, A03; Melissa Chester, A03; groom; bride; Gretchen Spadinger, A03; Ursula Treloar, A03; and Julie Norton, A04. The couple resides in Danvers, MA.

MOHANRAJ & MURRAY Sharmila Mohanraj, J01, wed Ryan Murray, A01, on October 4, 2008, in Philadelphia, where the couple resides. Jumbos in attendance included, from left: Marin Blake, J01; Gillian Galen, J01; Jonathan Fischer, A01; Gabrielle Grode, J01; Ken Stallings, A01; Christina Ednalino, J01; bride; groom; Adam Halperin, A01; Alissa Hike Harris, J01; Meena Nankani, J01; Sejal Parekh, J01; Janet (Blumenfeld) Goldenstein, E01; and Jillian (Roth) Dolin, J01.

NICK & KIRTLEY Eleanor Nick, E04, wed David Kirtley on June 14, 2008, in Chicago. Jumbos in attendance included, from left: Bess Dopkeen, A04; Emily Rhodes, A04; groom; bride; Lauren Bassi, A04; Jillian Willard, E04; Kathryn Wepfer, E04; and Jared Wachterman, E04. The couple currently resides in Seattle, WA.

PAUL-HESKINS & BENJAMIN Frances Paul-Heskins, A08, wed Joshua Benjamin, A08, on August 2, 2008, at the Nyack Seaport in Nyack, NY. Rabbi Jeffrey Summit, executive director of Tufts Hillel, officiated. The couple resides in Allen, SD.

RIORDAN & FLYNN Kevin Riordan, A98, wed Moria Flynn on September 13, 2008, in Bar Harbor, Maine. Jumbos in attendance included, back row, from left: Joe Fiore, A98; Hillary (Edwards) Massey, J98; Michael Murphy, A98; Chris Pape, A99; Jon Mugar, A98; Matt Lyman, E96; Dan Smith, A98; Chris Nolan, A01; Anna Johnson, J98; Carol (Speredelozzi) Symmons, E98; Brian Symmons, A98; Erin Hyde, A04; Sharon (Kams) Shaff, J98; Zach Dewhirst, A99; and Andrea (Edelstein) Dewhirst, J99; front row, from left: Katie Riordan, A04; groom; bride; Mike Seidler, E98; and Jessica (MacLellan) Smith, J98. The couple resides in Boston.

ROBERTS & MULCAHY Michelle Roberts, E02, wed Tom Mulcahy, E04, on October 3, 2009, at the Alwyngton Manor in Warrenton, VA. Jumbos in attendance included, back row, from left: Mike Ciacciarelli, A04; Matt Keller, A04; Caleb Hudak, A04; Devin Clarke, A05; John Mulcahy, A72, E04P; and Lea Healey, J81; third row, from left: Greg Hickey, A04; Jason Kacamburas, E00; Adam Kacamburas, A04; Kelly (Sarson) Hudak, A04; Dan Coleman, E04; Callie Siegel, A04; and Nate Guild, A04; second row, from left: Matt Malatesta, A04; Chris Heath, J74, E04P; Vanessa Pairis, A05; and Edward K. Casabian III, A04; front row, from left: David Frew, A04; bride; groom; Anthony Shropshire, A04; Jesse Miller, E04, E06; and Marcellus Rolle, A04.

ROTHSTEIN & PORTER Sarah Rothstein, A06, BSOT11, wed Judson Porter, E06, on June 14, 2009, in Bensalem, PA. Jumbos in attendance included, back row, from left: Betsy Goldman, A06; Alex Weissman, A05; Katherine Schulte, E06; Scott Lustig, A06; Alex Singer, E06; and Josh Rothschild, A06; middle row, from left: Anita Sinha, A06; Amy Eisen, BSOT78; Vijay Nathan, A06; Sarah Lim, A06; and Jamie Porter, A09; front row, from left: Margot Rapoport, A06, bridesmaid; Sarah (Lucas) Cruickshank, A06; Stephen Johansen, A06; and Hannah Chang, A10; front: the bride and groom, who live in Medford, MA. Sarah is working on a master’s in occupational therapy at Tufts, and Judson is in a Ph.D. program in computer and electrical engineering at Harvard.

SCHULMAN & HAAZ Bonnie Rose Schulman, A04, wed Seth Haaz, A01, on August 31, 2008, on New York’s Hudson River. Jumbos in attendance included, standing behind the bride and groom, from left: Zachary Geller, A04; Rachel Brandenburg, A05; Yael Friedkin, A04; Elliot Freeman, A04; Eitan Hersh, A05; Ben Oshlag, A01, G03; Janet Mapa, A04, M08; Erica Kung, A04; and Julia Hoffman, A04.

SLOAN & KEITH Christina Sloan, J00, wed Jason Keith on May 9, 2009, in Moab, Utah. Jumbos in attendance included Christine Hsu, E00, and John Nason, E00. The couple resides in Moab, where Chrissy has her own law practice.

SPIRN & BLAKE Andrea Spirn, A03, wed Daniel Blake, A04, on June 6, 2009, in New Paltz, NY. Jumbos in attendance included: Kimberly Barstow, A03; Michael Sempert, A04; Joel Cohen, A04; Masha Heifetz, A03; Jarrett Cherner, A04; Carmen Staaf, A05; John Keogh, A03; Irina Rozovsky, A03; Ashley Demarchena, A03; Matthew Shapiro, E03; and William Chrysanthos, A03. The couple resides in Brooklyn, NY.

STAHL & SASKIN Mara Eve Stahl, A06, NEC06, G07, wed Matthew Adam Saskin on January 18, 2009, at the President Hotel in Kansas City, MO. Jumbos in attendance included, from left: Dorothy Couper, A07, NEC07; Rafi Goldberg, A06; David Czulada, E06, G07; Guergana Petkova, A06; Joyce Rollor, E06; bride; groom; James Fraser, A06; Paige Cramer, A06; Kyle Pong, A06; Marilinda Garcia, A06, NEC06; Sarah Caldwell Smith, A05, NEC05; and Nicole Passan, A05. The couple resides in New York City, where Mara is pursuing her Ph.D. in vocal performance at NYU, and Matthew is a practice manager for an IT outsourcing firm.

TRAN & SHIMOTSU Vicky Tran, A04, wed Ryan Shimotsu, G06, on June 6, 2009, at the Hyatt Regency in Honolulu, HI. Jumbos in attendance included, back row, from left: Robert Ihrig, G04; Seth Groman, A04; Kristi Hamada, E04; and Joseph Weidenbach, E07; front row, from left: Daisuke Fujiwara, E03; Tyson Lynch, A04; Vera Tatel, A04; bride; groom; Sandra Tang, A04; Debora Roaquin, A05; Sreekala Raghavan, A04; and Sylvia Wu, A04.

WALLACH & PAPP Meghan Wallach, A06, wed Steve Papp on June 13, 2009, at Lumen Christi Catholic Church in Milwaukee, WI. Jumbos in attendance included, front row, from left: Daphne McCurdy, A06; Samantha Hilbert, A06; Stephanie Marvel, A06; groom; bride; and Stephanie Cohen, A06; back row, from left: Sarah Conroy, A06; Taylor Cronin, A06; Charlie Thomas, A06; Katie Gadkowski, A06; Erika Wool, A06; Sarah Corman, A06; and Laura Manoogian, A06. The couple currently resides in Enid, OK, where the groom is training to be an Air Force pilot.

WANG & BARGOOT Annie Wang, A05, wed Matt Bargoot, E01, on May 30, 2009, in Dedham, MA. Jumbos in attendance included Deanna Rodriguez, A05; Chloe Bui, A05; and Mike George, E02.

WETHERILL & MORGAN Colin Wetherill, A03, wed Katie Morgan on June 27, 2009, in Southport, Maine. Jumbos in attendance included, from left: Michael Yetter, E03; Zachary Thomson, A03; Steven Martisauskas, E03; and Arjune Rama, A03. The couple resides in Philadelphia, where Colin is a portfolio manager for the J.P. Morgan Private Bank, and Katie is a child psychiatric nurse practitioner.

WILBURN & PINARD Sarah Thompson Wilburn, A05, wed Matts Pinard, A05, on July 25, 2009, at the First Church in Weymouth, MA, followed by a reception at the State Room in Boston. Jumbos in attendance included: Cyrielle Jean, A05; A. Cartter Evans, A05; Kiril Johnson, A05; Sari David, A05; Timothy Reardon, A05; Leigh Bernstein, A05; Ajaita Shah, A06; Deepali Maheshwari, A06; Stephanie Albin Leeds, A05; Matthew Leeds, A05; Benjamin Schindler, A05; Rich Wilner, A02; Abbie Wonderly, A05; Ian Smalley, A05; Robert Fishel, A05; Clifford Berg, A05; Jon Feeley, A05; Joe Ekiert, A05; Nikias Stefanakis, A05; Maureen Wiley, A05; Amber Madison, A05; Chloe Schweinshaut, A05; Kyle Schweinshaut, A04; Charlotte Fixler, A04; Dana Panzer, A05, M08; Stephanie Walt, A04; Stacey Rashti Decker, A04; Sarah Whittle, A05; Matt Reardon, A03, M09; Joseph Schipani, A05; and Brian Boudreau, A05. The couple resides in New York City. Sarah works in institutional advancement at Hunter College, and Matts works for the asset management firm Centerline Capital.

WONDERLY & WILNER Stephanie (Abbie) Wonderly, A05, wed Richard Wilner, E02, on August 14, 2009, at the Lyman Estate in Waltham, MA. Jumbos in attendance included, back row from left: Todd Ryan, E05; Jeff Larson, E05; Tess Russo, E05; Chris Cole, A03; Terra Cederroth, A06, M12; Mike Blumberg, E04; Justin Friedman, A01; Brian Wilner, A10; Noah Zitsman, E04; Matts Pinard, A05; and Sarah Pinard, A05; front row, from left: Alyssa Le, A05; Peter Le, A03; bride; groom; and Sarah Hertzog, A02.

YEN & NAGROSST Alta Yen, J92, wed Gregory Nagrosst on August 30, 2008, in Asheville, NV. Jumbos in attendance included, front row, from left: Megan (Cole) Wiston, J92; Gregg Wiston, A91; Caren Mangarelli, J92; bride; Lisa Lee, J92; Mouna Khabbaz, J92; Debbie Albert, J92; Elisheva (Traum) Rogoff, J92; Stephanie Gelman, J92; Cathy (DiMare) D’Souza, J92; and Nirain D’Souza, A92; back row: Pete Moskowitz, A92, and Sophia Ungert, J92. The couple lives in New York City.

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