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NEW FACE OF THE SOUTH Latin Americans are revitalizing the rural South as they move there for jobs, the Tufts sociologist Helen Marrow writes in a new book. full story

SNYDER LECTURE The economic historian Niall Ferguson predicted that “American economic leadership will give way to Chinese economic leadership,” in his Richard E. Snyder Presidential Lecture at Tufts last fall. full story

BILL CLINTON LECTURE Government is not the villain, and political leaders should work together instead of leaning on ideology, former President Bill Clinton told an audience of nearly six thousand in the 2011 Issam M. Fares Lecture. full story

DOWNTURN’S UPSIDE High unemployment reduces air pollution enough to improve our health, concludes the Tufts environmental economist Mary Davis, after comparing unemployment rates and air pollution levels in New Jersey and California over twenty-plus years. full story

GEOTHERMAL WELL An observation well on the Medford/Somerville campus that Tufts geologist Grant Garven and his students used to study groundwater, soil, and rocks will be converted into a geothermal well to heat and cool a nearby classroom. full story

ME, FORGETFUL? The stereotype of the faulty aging brain could partly be a self-fulfilling prophecy, according to a new study by Ayanna Thomas, an assistant professor of psychology. full story

IT’S OK NOT TO BE OK Seniors Lindsay Eckhaus and Jake Borodovsky helped other students start a conversation about mental health issues by inviting them to display their deepest secrets—anonymously—in Tisch Library.” full story

GATEKEEPERS OF HEALTH Seventy percent of American adults see a dentist regularly, but just thirty percent have regular medical checkups. That’s a compelling reason for dentists to take a lead role in general health care, says Huw F. Thomas, the new dean of Tufts School of Dental Medicine. full story

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