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Grokking the GIMP:
Advanced Techniques for Working with Digital Images
Cary Bunks, E80
New Riders

Carey Bunks takes his interests seriously. When curious about the circus, he attended the Ringling Bros. & Barnum and Bailey Clown College, graduating in 1977. He is an accomplished magician and juggler and has entertained hundreds in the U.S. and Europe. He is an authority on trick roping and the author of the online book The Lasso - A Rational Guide to Trick Roping. So when Bunks became intrigued by the free online photo enhancement software called the GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) and found little quality instruction, he wrote the book himself. Even in its title, Grokking the GIMP suggests that Bunks is again taking the in-depth approach. Drawn from Robert A. Heinlein's classic science-fiction novel Stranger in a Strange Land, "grok" is the Martian word meaning "to drink," but also serves as a quasi-religious metaphor for having profound appreciation and understanding. Bunks, a senior scientist at BBN Technologies in Cambridge, MA, says his guide is indispensible for grokking this powerful open-source software package and its nearly 300 built-in functions and filters. While most books are about "tips and tricks," Grokking the GIMP "is first about understanding image manipulation concepts, second about knowing which GIMP tools are the most effective, and third about the savvy use of these tools. Working with digital images is now awhole lot easier - and a lot more fun."

Pumpkin Circle:
The Story of a Garden
George Levenson, A65
Tricycle Press

Pumpkin Circle (also available on an award-winning video narrated by Danny Glover with music by George Winston) captures life in the pumpkin patch with text and photographs that follow a pumpkin as it grows and changes, from seeds to plant to pumpkins ready to harvest, to jack-o-lantern and then to seeds again.

CORE Teaching Reading Sourcebook
Jacalyn Mahler, J77, Senior Editor
Arena Press

From CORE, the Consortium On Reading Excellence, comes a comprehensive resource for teaching language arts in grades K-8. Bycombining the best features of an academic text and a practical hands-on teacher's guide, the Sourcebook provides educators with research and instructional strategies for balanced reading programs.

The New Management Imperative in Finance Risk
James T. Gleason, A72
Bloomberg Press

James Gleason, a risk management consultant for more than 15 years, shows what makes firms true "winners" in the game of risk modeling. Gleason lays out the contours of risk and charts and diagrams the full spectrum of risks that business organizations face. Overall, it provides a practical understanding of the issues invoved in global financial risk management (GRM) through case examples, and by setting down the "ten commandments" of sound GRM development.

Poignant Relations:
Three Modern French Women
James Smith Allen, G75
Johns Hopkins Press

To trace the origins of feminist consciousness in France, James Smith Allen, professor of history at Southern Illinois University, explores the lives and words of three 19th-century women: Marie-Sophie Leroyer, a novelist and literary critic, Genevieve Bréton-Vaudoyer, whose diairies helped her cope with personal tragedies, and Céline Renooz-Muro, a scientist, historian and journalist. These women wrote extensively about marriage, sexuality, religion and politics in a "relational" feminism which they expressed by considering their relationships to themselves and others. While they have been long neglected by historians and literary theorists, Allen proposes they are more representative of a generation of women who often wrote about, but did not necessarily act on, their independent ideas.

New Jersey Business Litigation
Paul A. Rowe, A58
New Jersey Law Journal Books

From oppressed minority shareholders to franchise practices to unfair competition, this hard-cover legal treatise covers the panoply of subjects about which businesses today litigate in the New Jersey courts. This is the second book by Paul A. Rowe, a trial lawyer with Greenbaum, Rowe, Smith, Ravin, Davis & Himmel, of Woodbridge, NJ.

Dramatizing Classic Poetry
Louise Thistle, J63
A Smith and Kraus Book

Louise Thistle, an actress and author of six books, offers a resource for teachers who want to dramatize poetry in the classroom or on stage and who want to integrate dramatization with the study of poems as literature. Included are more than 50 classic poems scripted for the middle school and high school classroom. digital images is now awhole lot easier - and a lot more fun."



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