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The Charged Border:
Where Whales and Humans Meet

Jim Nollman, A80
A John Macrae Book/Henry Holt and Co.

The "charged border" is a transcendent place between sea and sky, where relations between humans and the wild move beyond science to the sacred. In this book rich with anecdotal detail, Jim Nollman, the world's leading animal communicator, leads readers into this rarified world in a vivid exploration of the secrets of cetacean intelligence. Readers can follow Nollman's adventures in four of the world's oceans studying whale and dolphin vocalization. In the Arctic, Nollman makes music to lure gray whales trapped under the ice to safety. Off the coast of Alaska, a pod of humpback whales sleep, bobbing in the waves, and at the edge of the Irish Sea, we watch as severely depressed patients are bundled into dry suits to swim with wild dolphins, an activity that strengthens their will to live. In these pages, Nollman offers a rare glimpse of an ancient common heritage and evidence of cetacean self-awareness, suggesting the possibility of a new environmental consciousness.

The Pilot's Wife
Anita Shreve, J68
Little, Brown and Company

A recent selection of Oprah's Book Club, The Pilot's Wife has been
acclaimed as "an engrossing thriller woven between the pages of a stirring meditation on love and betrayal." Shreve, best-selling author of the Weight of Water, follows Kathryn after her husband's fatal plane crash. As Kathryn struggles with her grief, she is forced to confront disturbing discoveries about the man she loved and the life she took for granted. With each revelation, Kathryn must reconcile her memories with the portrait unfolding before her.

Green Shingles:
At the Edge of the Chesapeake Bay
Peter Svenson, A65
Faber & Faber

As an undergraduate, Peter Svenson edited the Tufts literary review. Today, as a painter and writer living in Maryland, he turns a discerning eye to the experience of living in a changing world. In Green Shingles, he deals with the difficulties of finding a suitable home by the shore, the abundance and beauty of natural life, the constant presence of environmental threats, and the history of his locale (Tolchester, Maryland) as a vacation destination. Svenson, whose book Battlefield: Farming a Civil War Battlefield, was a 1993 National Book Award finalist, has been praised for his evocative chronicle of the changing face of the 3,237-mile Chesapeake Bay.

International Business Information:
How to Find It, How to Use It
Ruth Allen Pagell, J63, and Michael Halperin
Oryz Press

This newly updated and expanded edition of an Oryz best-seller is the only reference work available that guides business researchers and librarians to the most valuable sources of information on international business. Pagell's contributions to the field of international business information have earned the SLA Disclosure Award for Outstanding Achievement in Business Leadership.

Griots and Griottes:
Masters of Words and Music
Thomas Hale, A64, G68
Indiana University Press

Thomas Hale, professor of African, French and Comparative Literature at the Pennsylvania State University, goes back to the origin of the griot-or griottes, the female practitioners-who performed a unique role in Africa as genealogists, historians, spokespersons, diplomats, musicians and warriors. Through interviews with more than 100 griots and griottes in Niger, Mali, Senegal, and the Gambia, as well as in Europe and the United States, he brings together a diverse mosaic of information on a calling that is central to the understanding of many West African societies. Griots, he observes, also "have much to teach new audiences around the world, especially about the cultural heritage of their African societies."

The Greatest Self-Help Books You'll Never Read
Jonathan Bines and Gary Greenberg, A86
Career Press

A stand-up comedian and writer based in Manhattan, Gary Greenberg recalls how visits to bookstores' burgeoning self-help sections often left him feeling insecure. "I started asking myself: 'Do I sweat the small stuff? Do I love too much?" Now Greenberg and Bines (author of Bushisms) have overcome anxiety and guilt with this parody that targets more than 60 of the genre's best-sellers. They poke fun at advice tomes with titles such as Abundant Abundance: A Daybook of Saccharine and Milktoast, by Sarah Ban Breathmint, Chicken Suit for the Soul, The Habits of 7 Highly Defective People: Leadership Secrets of Mutants (from the editors of Modern Deformity), Spontaneous Heckling: Berate Your Way to Better Health, by Andrew Vile, and The Seven Spiritual Dwarves of Success: Your Fairy Tale Guide to Financial Freedom. Greenberg, whose comedy can also be seen on Comedy Central, was selected by The New York/Toyota Comedy Festival as one of the city's top clean comics.

Growing with Grace
Nancy Bailey

Grace Mitchell's journey began in Natick, Massachusetts, 90 years ago. A pioneer of preschool and day-care centers in New England, Mitchell earned her college degree in her mid-40s, a master's from Harvard at age 55, and a doctorate at age 90. Through nine decades of travails and triumphs, she has inspired others.

Magnificent Meditations of Assurance, Peace and Wisdom
Dr. Armen Z. Mesrobian, D54, K68
EPS Excel Publishing Services

Based on collections of Biblical passages, this large-print book is compiled and annotated by Dr. Armen Mesrobian, professor emeritus at the University of Illinois. It includes annotations from masters such as Leonardo Da Vinci and Gustave Doré.



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