Lenore Feigenbaum

Office: Room 105, Bromfield-Pearson Building, Tufts University

Phone: 617-627-2352


Research Interests

History of mathematics, history of the calculus, the mathematics of Brook Taylor, mathematics in antiquity, the physical sciences in the 17th and 18th centuries, women in mathematics and science, scientific education and institutions

Selected Publications

Brook Taylor and the Method of Increments
Archive for History of Exact Sciences 34 (1985): pp. 1-140

Happy Tercentenary, Brook Taylor !
Mathematical Intelligencer 8 (January 1986): 53-56

Leibniz and the Taylor Series
Studia Leibnitiana, Sonderheft 14 (1986): 258-267

The Center of Oscillation versus the Textbook Writers of the Early l8th Century
From Ancient Omens to Statistical Mechanics: Essays on the Exact Sciences Presented to Asger Aaboe , ed. by J.L. Berggren and B. R. Goldstein , Acta Historica Scientiarum Naturalium et Medicinalium 39 (1987): 193-202

Bernoulli and Taylor Families Bury the Hatchet
History of Science Society Newsletter (October 1990): 19

The fragmentation of the European mathematical community
The investigation of difficult things: Essays on Newton and the history of the exact sciences in honour of D. T. Whiteside, pp. 383-397, ed. by Harman and Shapiro, Cambridge University Press, 1992

Infinite series and solutions of ordinary differential equations, 1670-1770
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Brook Taylor
New Dictionary of National Biography, Oxford University Press, 2004

The Life and Letters of Brook Taylor
book in preparation