Mauricio Gutierrez

Office: Bromfield-Pearson Building, Room 111
Phone: 72360

Research Interests

Group theory: combinatorial and geometric. Group theoretic versions of the constructions of homotopy theory.

Selected Publications

Crossing matrices and Thurston's canonical form for braids
(with J. Burillo, S. Krstic and Z. Nitecki), Topology and applications, to appear.
Normal forms for basis-conjugating automorphisms of a free group
(with S. Krstic), Int. Jour. Algebra and Comp., vol. 8, No. 6 (1998), pp. 631-669
Comultiplications on free groups and wedges of circles
(with M. Arkowitz) Trans. AMS 350 (1998), pp. 1663-1680
Comultiplications on monoids
(with M. Arkowitz) Internat. J. Math. & Math. Sci. 20 (1997), pp. 803-812
Coactions on groups
(with M. Arkowitz) Proc. Royal Soc. Edin. (to appear)
Equalizers and coactions of groups
(with M. Arkowitz) submitted
Two complexes with fundamental group a semidirect product of cyclics
(with P. Latiolais and R. Beyl), submitted