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 Principal Investigators

Professor Peter Y. Wong, TAMPL's director, specializes in microscale radiative heat transfer, thermal processing of thin-film structures, and elastic and inelastic stresses in multilayer structures. Professor Wong has developed innovative numerical and experimental tools to predict and measure radiative properties and stresses in thin-film structures for the microelectronics industry. He has co-authored numerous research papers that have appeared in a variety of national and international journals, has presented his findings at numerous conferences, and holds memberships in national engineering organizations.

Professor Vincent P. Manno specializes in the computational modeling of thermal/fluid processes arising in power, process, and electronic thermal management systems. This work, supported by government and industry, involves a spectrum of thermal/fluid mechanics,. such as the development of new methods, analysis of manufacturing processes, and simulation of system dynamics in real time. Professor Manno has authored or co-authored numerous journal articles and technical reports, held a U.S. Navy Senior Summer Fellowship, and served as guest editor of IEEE Transactions and general chair of the 1996 IEEE SEMITHERM Symposium.

Professor Chris Rogers is an expert on particle-laden flows whose development of advanced diagnostic techniques has led to improved understanding of particle behavior in turbulent air flows. Professor Rogers has applied his image-based diagnostic techniques to a variety of flows, including high-speed jet flows and the low-speed flows in chemical-mechanical polishing. He holds memberships in national mechanical engineering organizaitons and participates in educational programs designed to interest local elementary school students in science and engineering.


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