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If you do not qualify for an exemption, it may still be possible to have your review expedited rather than waiting for a convened IRB meeting. It is important to note that the standard for expedited review and the materials that you will submit are the same as for regular review. The only difference is that the expedited review is done by a single member of the IRB outside of the regular meeting time.

A complete description of the criteria for expedited review can be found here.

Expedited review is available for studies that:

  • Involve Minimal Risk
  • Fall into designated categories, for example,
    • Materials have been collected or will be collected for non-research purposes
    • Data to be collected from existing voice or image recording
    • Data to be collected on individual or group behavior characteristics
    • Minor changes in previously approved research during approved period
    • Continuing review in certain circumstances

The Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) defines minimal risk as meaning that the probability and magnitude of harm or discomfort anticipated in the research are not greater in and of themselves than those ordinarily encountered in daily life or during the performance of routine physical or psychological examinations or tests.


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