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Prevalence of HIV Antiretroviral Drug Resistance Mutations in Drug Naïve Subjects with an Analysis of Pol Gene Sequences Derived from Cloning and from Single Genome Sequencing

Jordan, Kearney, Palmer, Goh, Bau, Stone, Wanke, Coakley, Chappey, Coffin

Investigating Function of HIV-Encoded Vpr Gene During Viral Infection

Satsuma and Goh

Yersinia has Tropism for B and T Cell Zones of Lymph Nodes in a Type III Secretion System-Independent Manner

Balada-Llasat and Mecsas

Modeling Pneumonic Plague with Y. pseudotuberculosis Reveals PhoP, YopB, and YopH as Important Virulence Factors

Fisher, Castillo, Mecsas

Interactions of the Secreted Yersinia Protein YOPM

McCoy, Lesser, Mecsas

Development of Emulsan Microspheres for Adsorption and Control Release of Molecules

Castro, Panilaitis, Dams-Kozlowsk, Bora, Mercaldi, Curtis, Zuluaga, Kaplan

INFERNO: A System Early Detection of Infectious Outbreaks and “Signature” Forecasting


Low Multipicity Arrays: NFkB is Required to Support Legionella Pneumophila Intracelullar Replication

Losick and Isberg

FliC in the Pathogenesis of Shiga Toxigenic Escherichia coli

Jandhyala, Rogers, Kane, Patona, Paton, Yu, Gewirtz, Thorpe

The Heat-shock Response and the RpoH Regulon in Vibrio cholerae

Slamti, Livny, Waldor

Enterohemorrhagic E. coli Hijack the Enterocyte's Actin Network

Riley, Leong, Herman

AcfO is Required for EHEC A/E Lesion Formation on HeLa Cells

Ho, Ritchie, Waldor

Determination of Appropriate Antibiotics for the Treatment of Enterohemorrhagic E. coli Infections

Krautz-Peterson, Lanciault, Guardiani, Anwer, Tzipori, Donohue-Rolfe

Development, Evaluation and Validation of a Method for Concentration of Cryptosporidium and other Protozoa from Large Volume of Water

Tzipori and Zuckerman

Widmer Lab: Current Research Activities


Production and Characterization of Monoclonal Antibodies against Enterocytozoon bieneusi Purified from Rhesus Macaques

Zhang, Singh, Sheoran, Feng, Nunnari, Carville, Tzipori

Starch and Maltooligosaccharide Utilization by Bacteroides Fragilis

Brigham and Malamy

Bile Acids Enhance the Invasiveness of Cryptosporidium of Cultured Cells

Feng, Nie, Sheoran, Zhang, Tzipori

Cryptosporidium parvum and Enterocytozoon bieneusi Infection in SIV-infected Rhesus Macaque Model

Singh, Carville, Mansfield, Keller, Tzipori

Acquisition and Use of Gnotobiotic Piglets to Study Gastrointestinal Illnesses

Girouard, Mukherjee, Sheoran, Tzipori

Production of Recombinant Human Monoclonal Antibodies against Shiga Toxin in CHO Cells

Akiyoshi, Watkins, Rich, Dilo, Sheoran, Chapman-Bonofiglio, Donohue-Rolfe, Tzipori

Development and Evaluation of Small Compound Inhibitors of Cryptosporidium

Akiyoshi, Rich, Chapman-Bonofiglio, Tzipori

Sheoran Lab: Current Research Work

Sheoran, Feng, Peterson, Chapman-Bonofiglio, Herman, Mukherjee, Donohue-Rolfe, Tzipori

Botulism Therapeutics Development Program

Shoemaker, Park, Mukherjee, Tzipori

Emulsan-based Adjuvant for Biodefense

Panilaitis, Castro, Dams-Kozlowska, Kaplan, Bergman, Balada-Llasat, Mecsas, Park, Tzipori

Development of in Vitro Assays to Evaluate the Anti-BoNT Effects of Potential Therapeutic Agents

Park, Lee, Cullen-Wong, Tzipori

Molecular Karyotype Analysis of the Human Pathogen Enterocytozoon bieneusi

Feng, Akiyoshi, Sheoran, Hanawalt, Zhang, Tzipori

Select Agent Facility for Development and Testing of Botulinum Therapeutics

Mukherjee, Shoemaker, Park, Tzipori

Development of a Diagnostic Assay for the Detection of Botulinum Toxin A

Akiyoshi and Tzipori

Optical Fiber-based DNA Array for Food and Waterborne Pathogen Detection

Brogan, Ahn, Watkins, Donohue-Rolfe, Tzipori, Walt

Detection and Prevention of Viral Infections: Virus Research at Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine

Herrmann and Brown

Nano-strut Building Blocks for Open Scaffolding, to Support Deterministic Nano-functional Arrays to Make Devices

Goldberg, Harrah, Hyman, Qu, Shaik, Stafford, Valluzzi

Design of Papillomavirus Inhibitors Based on the Three-dimensional Structures of E6-interacting Proteins

Baleja, Cherry, Voigt, Nicklaus, Chen, Androphy

Metabolic Syndrome and Markers of Early Atherosclerosis in a Cohort of HIV-Infected Subjects from Nutrition for Healthy Living (NFHL)

Mangili, Jacobson, Gerrior, Tang,
O’ Leary, Polak, Gorbach, Wanke

Infection with HIV, Chronic Hepatitis, and Serum Vitamin A Status

Forrester, Wang, Knox, Tang, Johnson

Absence of Protease Inhibitor Genotypic and Phenotypic Resistance at 134 Weeks of Protease Inhibitor only Therapy

Jordan, Goh, Bellosillo, Bau, Wanke, Coakley

Normal Human Tears Contain IgA Antibodies against Acanthamoeba Mannose-Binding Protein

Alberti, Garate, Cao, Zoukhri, Goldstein, Wu, Panjwani

Analysis of Factors that Provide Protection against Acanthamoeba Keratitis

Saravanan, Cao, Goldstein, Lee, Qiu, Plaut, Newburg, Panjwani

Encystment of Acanthamoeba is Associated with the Reduction in the Expression of the Mannose-Binding Protein

Cubillos, Garate, Cao, Marchant, Panjwani

Polypeptide N-Acetylgalactosaminyl Transferases of Cryptosporidium parvum

Bhat, Wojczyk, Spitalnik, Ward

Early Mucosal Source of Gamma Interferon in Cryptosporidium parvum Infection

Leav, Godiwala, Rogers, Yoshida, Blumberg, Ward

Proteolytic Processing of Cryptosporidium Parvum Glycoprotein gp40/15

Wanyiri, O’Connor, Kim, Qiu, Plaut, Ward

Characterization of Mucin-like Glycoproteins in Cryptosporidium Parvum

O’Connor, Scarpato, Kamdar, Greene, Ward

Differences in Pathogenicity and Viral Genome between Coxsackievirus B3/0 Passed through Young Versus Old Mice

Gay, Belisle, Bronson, Beck, Meydani

Vitamin E and Respiratory Infections among Elderly Nursing Home Residents: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Meydani, Leka, Fine, Dallal, Keusch, Fiatarone Singh, Hamer

Comparison of the Semi-Solid Agar Antifungal Susceptibility (SAAS) Screening Test with the NCCLS Broth Microdilution Method for In Vitro Susceptibility Testing of Clinical Yeasts     

Hadley, Rapino, Ross, McDermott  

Biofilm Formation in the Setting of Candiduria

Kohli, Jain, Cook, Wang, Fries

Ecology and Epidemiology of Tularemia on Martha's Vineyard , Massachusetts 2000-2005

Telford, Goethert, Berrada

Aging Alters the Genetic Basis of Resistance to Babesia Microti, a Parasite of Red Blood Cells

Yuan, Spiegler, Thambundit, Pliego, Telford , Shah, Spielman, Gelfand, Dietrich, Wortis, Vannier

The Role of Matrix Metalloproteases in Respiratory Syncytial Virus Infection

Heilpern, Hu, Behera


Antimicrobial Errors: Rate, Type, Severity, and Cause Adra, Lawrence, Boucher
Interactions between Inner Membrane Proteins in Donor and Recipient Cells Limit Conjugal DNA Transfer Marrero and Waldor
Signaling through Human CD21 Induces HERV-K18 Transcription Hsiao, Lin, Huber
Prevention of Staphylococcal Infections Using the Quorum Sensing Inhibitor RIP Madanahally and Balaban
TRAP, a Master Regulator of Staphylococcal Pathogenesis, is Part of a Quorum Sensing System Madanahally and Balaban
Severe CD4 T Cell-Mediated Immunopathology in Murine Schistosomiasis is Dependent on IL-12p40 and Correlates with High Levels of IL-17 Rutitzky, Lopes da Rosa, Stadecker
Amino Acid Import in Schistosomes Skelly and Shoemaker
Potential Role of CD4+CD25+ T Regulatory Cells in Preventing Chronic Lyme Arthritis Iliopoulou and Huber
The Role of DPP2 in Maintaining Cell Quiescence Mele and Huber
Borrelia burgdorferi-induced Protein Kinase C (PKC) Singaling Pathway Regulates Expression of Cytokines and Matrix Metalloproteinases (MMPs) from Primary Human Chondrocytes (HC) Shin, Behera, Hu
MyD88 Deficiency Results in Tissue Specific Changes in Cytokine Induction and Inflammation in Borrelia burgdorferi Infected Mice that are IL-18 Inependent Behera, Hildebrand, Bronson, Perides, Hu
Identification of a Regulator of P66 in the Lyme Disease Spirochete, Borrelia burgdorferi Medrano, Policastro, Schwan, Coburn
Identification of a TLR Independent Pathway for Borrelia burgdorferi Induced Expression of Matrix Metalloproteinases and Inflammatory Mediators through Binding to Integrin α3β1 Behera, Hildebrand, Coburn, Hu
Host Response to B. burgdorferi Binding to Human Integrin αvβ3 LaFrance and Coburn
The Role of Borrelia P66 in the Infectious Cycle Grimm, Coburn, Tanudra, Rosa



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