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  Faculty Chalk Talks  
Session A: Diseases of the Developing World
Chaired by Henry Wortis
  10:00 Pneumonia and Malnutrition Jeffrey Griffiths  
  10:20 Immune Response in Schistosmiasis Miguel Stadecker  
  10:40 Schistosomiasis Patrick Skelly  

Session B: Systemic Infection

Chaired by Linc Sonenshein

  10:00 GI tract Infection Joan Mecsas  
  10:15 Lyme Agent Linden Hu  
  10:30 Lyme Arthritis Brigitte Huber  
  10:45 Inhibitors of Pathogenic Bacteria Krishna Kumar  

Session C: Viral Infection
Chaired by Henry Wortis

  11:00 Retroviruses John Coffin  
  11:20 Epstein-Barr Virus David Thorley-Lawson  
  11:40 Immunity to Rotavirus John Herrmann  

Session D: Pathogen-host Interaction
Chaired by Linc Sonenshein

  11:00 Host Immune Response Alexander Poltorak  
  11:20 Fungal Infection Carol Kumamoto  
  11:40 Invasive Bacteria Ralph Isberg  
Room Locations:

Sessions A & C will be in Sackler 204/205

Sessions B & D will be in Sackler 206/207

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