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9:30 ― 10:45

Coronary Artery Disease

Chaired by John Kyriakis

John Castellot
Akiko Hata
John Kyriakis
Stefania Lamon-Fava
Mohsen Meydani
Alice Lichtenstein

Sackler 204/205

Obesity Mechanisms
Chaired by Ann McDermott

Aviva Must
Dayong Wu
Martn Obin
Ann McDermott
Kyongbum Lee
David Lee

Sackler 206/207

Failing Heart
Chaired by Gordon Huggins

Inga Peter
Richard Patten
Xinhua Yan
Gordon Huggins

Sackler 220/221

11:00 ― 12:00

Hypertension, Channels and Receptors
Chaired by Howard Surks

Gracie Han
Howard Surks
Yan Zhu
Damon Anderson
Iris Jaffe

Sackler 204/205

Obesity Intervention
Chaired by Ed Saltzman

Emmanuel Pothos
Maribel Rios
Christina Economos
Ed Saltzman
Susan Roberts

Sackler 206/207

Chaired by Robin Kanarek

Orian Shirihai
Keyong Du
Martin Beinborn
William Bachovchin
Jonas Galper
Robin Kanarek

Sackler 220/221


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