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Social Science Library: Frontier Thinking in Sustainable Development and Human Well-Being Goodwin
Global Development and Environment Institute Research (GDAE) Heaviland, Ackerman, Gallagher, Goodwin, Harris, Massey, Moomaw, Nelson, Roach, Wise
Cascading Costs: The Implications of an Economic Nitrogen Cycle for Mitigation Strategies Birch and Moomaw
The Potential for Wind-powered Desalination in Water-scarce Countries Spang
The Effect of Ground Water on Estimates of Reservoir Firm Yield Archfield
Sedimentary Phosphorus and Arsenic Inactivation in an Alum-treated Lake Scheckel and Durant
Dams, Health, and Livelihoods in Africa: Lessons from the Senegal, Suggestions for the Nile Lautze and Kirshen
Constructing Identity: The Watershed Organization's Role in Bringing Meaning to the Watershed Reich
Optimizing Management Efforts for Sustainable Long-Range Water Supply Planning Zoltay Titcomb, Kirshen, Vogel
From Ridge to Reef: The Guatemalan Highlands to the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System, Navigating Toward Integrated Watershed and Coastal Areas Management in the Motagua River Basin Kayser
Fluorescence Analysis of Natural Waters and Humic Materials Kenny, Hall, Clow, Chen
Investigating the Mobilization Potential of Dense Nonaqueous Phase Liquids (DNAPLs) in the Density Modified Displacement Technology Li, Abriola, Moretti, Phelan, Ramsburg
Modeling Tools for Assessing the Benefits of DNAPL Source-Zone Remediation Li, Abriola, Christ, Ramsburg
Vibrational Energy Flow in a Gas-Surface Reaction Killelea and Utz
Novel High Efficiency Solar Cells Utilizing Amorphous Diamond Nanostructures Monteith, Sung J, Sung M
Climate Change Action at Tufts Kollmuss and Hammond Creighton
Tufts University's Water: Systems, Science and Society (WSSS) Interdisciplinary Graduate Program Willett, Bailey, Kirshen
Input-Output Models in Industrial Ecology Levine and Gloria
Assessing and Controlling Occupational Health Risks Among Immigrant Populations in Somerville as Seen Through the Lens of Environmental Justice Gute, Hyatt, Desmarais, Woodin, Pirie, Goldman
Feasibility of Studying the Effect of Major Construction on the Health of Residents at the Zip Code Level Brugge and Dhar
Role of Dust Mites as Part of Bundled Pediatric Asthma Environmental Interventions Brugge, Rioux, Kosheleva
Asthma Prevelance in Native and Foreign Born Children in a Predominately Asian Community Setting Brugge, Lee, Woodin
Time-distributed Effect of Environmental Exposure and Infectious Outbreaks Naumova and MacNeill
Tufts Initiative for the Forecasting and Modeling of Infectious Diseases (InForMID) Naumova, Fefferman, Chui, Jagai, Doshi, Kosheleva, Lofgren, Sheehan, Pandita, Castronovo
The Use of Ambient Temperature for Seasonality Adjustments in Surveillance Data Naumova, Jagai, Griffiths, DeMaria
Socio-economic, Demographic and Environmental Indicators of Six Reported Enteric Infections in Massachusetts, 1993-2002 Naumova, Cohen, Jagai, Toews, Matyas, DeMaria,Griffiths
Seasonality of Childhood Cryptosporidiosis Linked to Temperature and Precipitation: A Meta-analysis Approach Jagai and Naumova
Differences in Bone Mineral Density in Common Terns (Sterna hirundo) Among Breeding Colony Locations, Sexes and Age Classes Harris, Bar-Sagi, Kirker-Head, Boschler, Williams, Hall, Jedrey, Pokras
Seabird Ecological Assessment Network (SEANET): A Citizen Science Project for Marine Ecosystem Health Harris, Tseng, Griffin, Pokras
Exposure to Bisphenol-A Alters Growth and Morphology of the Fetal Mammary Gland Vandenberg, Maffini, Wadia, Sonnenschein, Rubin, Soto
Environmental Detection of Francisella Species on Martha’s Vineyard Berrada and Telford, III
Massachusetts Wildlife Disease Surveillance Program: The Role of Wildlife as Sentinels of Diseases of Public Health Importance Robbins and Martin
The Effects of an Herbicide on Early Frog Development Lenkowski and McLaughlin
Bald Eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) Feathers as an Alternative to Blood for Microsatellite DNA Analysis: Toward a Non-invasive Technique for Population Genetics Alcivar-Warren, Courchesne, Meola
RAPD Variation in Fecal and Blood Samples from Black and White Rhinoceroses from South Africa Nielson, Kilbourn, Meehan-Meola, Alcivar-Warren
Strengthening the Scientific Foundation of Organic Standards on Animal Health and Welfare Bailey, Merrigan, Lockeretz, Cardoso, Petersen, Donovan, Harvie, Matts
Revaluing Peasant Coffee Production: Organic and Fair Trade Markets in Mexico Wise and Calo
In-Situ Measurement Techniques for Environmentally Benign Semiconductor Manufacturing Gray, Vlahakis, Rogers, Manno
Underwater Robotics: Teaching Marine Science and Ecology Through Engineering Underwater Robots Hynes, Brower, Rogers
Teaching Basic Cardio-Vascular Mechanics With LEGO Models: A High School Case Study Perova, Hobbs, Verner, Rogers
Fiber Optic Sensors and Windows on Research Chudyk
Is Increased Precipitation Over Central United States Related to Decreased Precipitation Over Hudson Bay in Canada? Singh, Small, Islam
A Simple Method for Estimating Canopy Resistance Using Penman-Monteith Equation and Remotely Sensed Evapotranspiration Singh, Islam, Niyogi, Carlson
Trends in Precipitation and Streamflow in the Eastern U.S.: Paradox or Perception? Small, Islam, Vogel
An Abrupt Increase in Fall Precipitation: Decadal Variability over the United States after 1950 Small and Islam
Resource Scarcity and Pastoral Conflict in the Horn of Africa Meier
Environmental Vapor Monitoring with an Optical Nose Aernecke, Bencic-Nagale, Walt
Mystic Knowledge: Past Research Informing the Future

Lisa Brukilacchio, Yongxuan Gao, and Rachel Szyman

Histological Findings in Cadmium-treated Shrimp Postlarvae (Litopenaeus vannamei) and Development of Polymorphic Markers Associated with Tolerance to Cadmium Delaney, Keating, Meehan-Meola, Alcivar-Warren
Modeling Calcite Precipitation in a Hard Water Lake Homa and Chapra
Immediate Detection of Chemical Threats  Robbat
International Marine Shrimp Environmental Genomics Initiative (IMSEGI): Monitoring Ecosystem, Animal and Public Health Alcivar-Warren, Keating, Maranda, Delaney, Meehan-Meola, Moomaw, McClennen, Echevarria, Alvarado, Serrano, Valarezo, Mejia, Saavedra, Alcivar, Alcivar, Palmieri, Panutrakul, Senanan, Barnette, Tangrock-Olan, Enright, Brown, Xiang




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