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Written by internationally acclaimed experts in the field of antibiotic resistance, Antibiotic Policies: Fighting Resistance addresses many of the key issues burdening our societies and hospitals during this era of antibiotic resistance and growing shortage of new antibiotics. The book provides practical advice and control strategies for the critical problems related to current antibiotic resistance epidemics and for any future problems associated with antibiotic resistance. Antibiotic Polices: Fighting Resistance is highly recommended for health professionals with an interest in this field.

Antibiotic Policies: Fighting Resistance
Edited by
Ian M. Gould
Jos W.M. Van Der Meer
Foreword by John McGowan


Resistencia antimicrobiana en las Américas: Magnitud del problema y su contención

Publicación de la Organización Panamericana de la Salud, 2000.  contenido del libro ...

Antimicrobial Resistance in the Americas: Magnitude and Containment of the Problem

Publication of the Pan American Health Organization, 2000.  description ...

Therapeutic Guidelines: Antibiotic

This common sense approach to the continuing dilemmas of antibiotic use and microbial resistance has now been in publication for 25 years.

2003 updated therapeutic guidelines on antibiotics  order here ...


Frontiers in Antimicrobial Resistance: a Tribute to Stuart B. Levy

David G. White, U.S. Food and Drug Administration; Michael N. Alekshun, Paratek Pharmaceuticals; Patrick F. McDermott, U.S. Food and Drug Administration, 2005.


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Uso y Abuso de los Antibioticos

Uso y Abuso de los Antibióticos: ¿Dónde estamos y adónde queremos llegar?

Gabriel Levy Hara, MD; Aníbal Sosa, MD; Arena, 2006

contenido del libro ...

Antimicrobial Resistance in Bacteria

Antimicrobial Reistance in Bacteria

Editor: Carlos Amábile-Cuevas; Horizon Bioscience, 2006

description ...


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