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APUA Moldova

Status of Resistance
The most urgent antibiotic resistance problems identified by APUA-Moldova members are:
  • Lack of access to appropriate antimicrobial therapy
  • Lack of regulation in human use
  • Lack of regulation in agricultural use
  • Lack of surveillance of antibiotic use and resistance
  • Lack of updated antibiotic use and treatment guidelines
  • Lack of continuing medical education on antibiotic use for prescribers
  • Lack of microbiological lab capacity/ lab training/ diagnostic tools

Chapter Overview
APUA-Moldova was established in 1996, with core membership from the Moldavian Medical and Pharmceutical University, Faculty of Clinical Pharmacology. In Moldova, most of the hospitals are owned by the state. There are no private hospitals. The regulation of antibiotics is carried out by the Ministry of Health. Prevalent bacterial infections in Moldova include TB, gonorrhea, diphtheria and epidemic parotiditis (mumps).

APUA-Moldova recently translated and published the article "Genotypic resistance patterns in nonclinical isolates" written by APUA member, Abigail Salyers, University of Illinois. They also conducted a roundtable discussion in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and National Institute of Pharmacy on the problem of antibiotic resistance caused by non appropriate use of antibiotic donations.

Chapter objectives:

  • To study current policies and practices set up to control antimicrobial resistance in Moldova
  • To facilitate data-exchanging among countries and regions for tracking antimicrobial resistance
  • To assist the production of a set of recommendations for how to control antimicrobial resistance at the community and country levels
  • To educate healthcare workers and the public
  • To Continue to publish and disseminate the APUA Newsletter
  • To offer Career Training Programs on rational drug use, antibiotic prescribing, children and medicine and the development of drug formulary.
  • To provide organizational development consultation for rational drug use.

Chapter Activities

  • Involving students in the reduction of unnecessary antibiotic use for colds and the flu
  • Research on antibiotic consumption in district hospitals of Moldova
  • Community initiatives in TB, HIV/AIDS prevention program
  • Establishing Drug and Therapeutic committees and an AMR sub-committee
  • Post graduate education-Antibiotics school

Chapter Leadership

Chapter Leader: Natalia Cebotarenco, PhD., M.D., Regional specialist in rational use of pharmaceuticals, drug management and training

Maria Cetulean, M.D., Municipal City TB hospital in Chisinau, Moldova, Executive Board Member

Klaudia Veltman, M.D., Chief of the Bricheni District Hospital, Executive Board Member

APUA Moldova Publications


Last Updated February 2013
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