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APUA Philippines

APUA Philippines

APUA-Philippines was May 23, 2003. The chapter is recognized by the Philippine government as a non-governmental organization. Under the leadership of Dr. Celia C. Carlos, the chapter aims to fulfill the following mission:

  1. To effectively disseminate evidence-based information on rational antibiotic use.
  2. To formulate and prioritize policies and programs for rational antibiotic use that will respond to the needs and welfare of the majority of Filipinos.
  3. To demonstrate responsive leadership in the development and implementation of policies and strategies that will impact on antibiotic use.
  4. To pursue with zeal and dynamism unrelenting efforts at self-improvement to achieve the ultimate goal of rational antibiotic use.
  5. To develop strategic partnership with government and non-government organizations both local and international and other stakeholders in the promotion of rational antibiotic use.
The chapter has access to extensive surveillance data about AMR. A national surveillance program was undertaken in 1988 and is coordinated by the Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance Unit at the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine in Metro Manila.

Antibiotic Resistance Surveillance Report

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