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The financing of health services is public in Senegal; the government provides health services and pays healthcare workers. Patients pay a small co-pay for each consultation.

Acute respiratory infections are the primary cause of death in infants (0-3 months). Resistance in tuberculosis treatment is a problem. Although, antibiotics are legally only available by prescription, the prescription control process established by the Ministry of Health is often not followed. Penicillin is considered a miracle drug by most of the population and is overused in injection form.

Antimicrobial resistance problems stem from lack of access to appropriate antimicrobial therapy, lack of surveillance of antibiotic use and resistance, and lack of continuing medical education on antibiotic use for prescribers.

Chapter Objectives and Priorities:

  • Training for health workers on proper antibiotic prescription
  • Promote awareness of prudent use of antibiotics among the population
  • Struggle against the illegal market of antibiotics

Chapter leaders explain that they have been able to accomplish much with their limited financial resources. They focus on delivering valuable information about antibiotic resistance at conferences to convince colleagues of the need to be professional and prudent when prescribing or delivering antibiotics.

The chapter plans to expand their activities in the future to include conducting research and engaging in advocacy or legislative activity while continuing to provide education and training to consumers and prescribers.


Dr. Ndiouga Diallo
Dr. Ndeye Fatou Mbaye
Absa Cisse

Updated May 2011

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