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Antibiotic resistance problems in Tanzania stem from:

  • Lack of access to appropriate antimicrobial therapy
  • Lack of regulation in human use
  • Lack of surveillance of antibiotic use and resistance
  • Lack of updated antibiotic use and treatment guidelines
  • Lack of continuing medical education on antibiotic use for prescribers

These problems challenge the ability to effectively treat infectious diseases that are prevalent in Tanzania, such as HIV/AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis, and diarrheal diseases.


APUA Tanzania was established in 2006.


APUA Tanzania works to promote the urgent need to monitor antibiotic resistance follow-ups in the same way as follow-ups of adverse drug reactions. In the past, the chapter has developed reports and received media coverage. They plan to increase collaboration with all regional hospitals and three district hospitals in Dar es Salaam and expand their activities to include surveillance projects and prescriber training.


Adelard Mtenga
Dr. Emanuel Masua
Dr. J. Mabula
Dr. Peter Risha

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