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According to APUA Turkey, the most urgent and prevalent bacterial infectious diseases are tuberculosis, diarrhea, typhoid, acute respiratory infections, and S.aureus, E. coli and P.aeruginosa infections. The increase of resistant pathogens resulting from inappropriate antibiotic use among humans and farm animals is of major concern.


APUA Turkey was established in 1994 and has over 50 members comprised of professors, microbiologists and doctors from various disciplines that represent nearly all of the Turkish universities.


  • The Turkish chapter, along with several other organizations, including over 50 medical centers, has been collecting data on nosocomial infections and causative microorganisms along with their resistance patterns for the NosoLine Project. A computer surveillance program was developed and educational meetings were organized as a result of this project.
  • Several APUA Newsletters have been translated into Turkish and distributed by APUA Turkey and the Turkish Medical Association (TTB).
  • The chapter is in communication with the Ministry of Health and hopes to collaborate with them in terms of antibiotic use education, particularly in more rural areas where opportunities for continual professional development is limited.


Murat Akova M.D.
Deniz Gur M.D.
Sibel Ascioglu M.D.
Yesim Cetinkaya Sardan
Alpay Azap
Onder Ergonul

Updated May 2011


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